Guide to Calories In Champagne: Nutrition Facts & Is it healthy?

by Anthony Zhang
75-95 calories. However, most restaurants serve 5-ounce servings of Champagne. In such cases, you’d be consuming around 90-150 calories per glass.This article has all you need to know about calories in Champagne, nutrition facts, and even its health benefits.

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Champagne Nutrient Composition

In general, Champagne is rich in carbohydrates and has fewer proteins. But this varies depending on the Champagne type.

Let’s look at the nutrient facts of 4 ounces of Champagne:


Breakdown Of Calories In Champagne

Typically, you can break down the alcohol calories in a glass of Champagne (4 ounces) into 92.6% alcohol, 6.2% total carbohydrates, and 1.2% protein.

Here is the calorie composition of some of our favorite Champagnes:


What Are The Health Benefits Of Champagne?

You’ll be ecstatic to know that this beverage has many health benefits! 

1. Lower Calories Than Other Wine Types


Generally, red wine, white wine, and Champagne have a calorie content of 150-200. 

But the calorie count in a serving of wine will be higher than that in a serving of Champagne. That’s because one standard serving of wine is 5 ounces - an ounce more than the standard pour of Champagne. 

This means that you will consume fewer calories by having a glass of Champagne than a glass of wine.

In fact, the Champagne diet is based on the low calorie attribute of Champagne. This diet allows you to drink a glass of Champagne (or even a Champagne cocktail) every day along with food. 

This is a celebratory diet that doesn’t deprive the body of alcohol but limits your calorie intake, like a keto diet.

2. Prevents Dementia And Memory Loss


A University of Reading study determined that drinking 1-3 glasses of Champagne a week may help delay degenerative brain disorders like dementia and act against memory loss due to aging.

They found that the phenolic compounds in the Champagne can improve spatial memory of one’s environment and modulate the signals in the hippocampus and cortex, boosting memory and learning.

2. Has Amazing Effects On Skin


Drinking Champagne benefits your skin in several ways:

  • It has tartaric acid, which is an antioxidant, and creates an even skin tone.
  • It has antibacterial properties and can fight breakout.
  • It’s a good source of polyphenol and is known to combat redness.
  • Champagnes are rich in carbon dioxide, which creates a skin tightening effect and makes the skin look younger.

3. Heart Healthy


It’s been proven that drinking a little Champagne daily promotes heart health.

These bubbly beverages are rich in polyphenols that slow down the removal of nitric oxide, giving it longer to act on blood vessels and increase blood flow. 

As a result, it can decrease blood pressure and prevent the formation of blood clots, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

4. Decrease Alcohol Consumption


The carbon dioxide in Champagne helps the body absorb alcohol faster into your bloodstream. So, you’ll get high and feel full quicker by drinking Champagne when compared to downing sweet wine, dessert wine or other alcoholic beverages like vodka or beer.

This, consequently, decreases the alcohol content you consume.

5. Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes


Research has proven that a low calorie wine or alcoholic drink with no added sugar like red wine or low sugar content like Champagne is beneficial for people with diabetes. 

However, it’s important that you drink Champagne moderately. Also, go for a dry Champagne or extra dry Champagne with low residual sugar, like brut, extra brut, brut nature, or even Prosecco. 

6. Boosts Your Mood


Champagne has a good amount of Calcium and Potassium that are mood boosters.

Potassium relieves the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Likewise, calcium works with serotonin to reduce anxiety and stress. 

In addition to these, Champagne also has Magnesium and Zinc, which are also known as mood enhancers.Now you know why Champagnes are celebratory drinks!

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