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Vinovest selects, acquires, and securely stores your wine. Access your wine online or in real life anytime, hassle-free.

Meet your investment sommelier
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Share your risk appetite and investment preferences, fully encrypted and secure.

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Vinovest’s minimum is $1,000 for our standard package, or fund as much as you want for our custom package.

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You own your wines

The wine really is yours. We do the hard work of authenticating, insuring, receiving and storing your wine.

Where sommeliers and AI-driven tech meet

Vinovest’s Master Sommeliers combine their expertise with quantitative investment models to curate your wine portfolio.

Enjoy returns or your wine

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Vinovest puts your portfolio at your fingertips. Manage your investment, buy more, or sell at any time.

Your wine on demand

Request wines from your portfolio whenever you like, for any occasion or reason. We’ll handle insurance, leaving you to simply enjoy your wine.

Truly liquid assets

Your wine portfolio is simply yours to watch mature, sell or enjoy.  Our worldwide market access ensures the price you see is the price you receive when you sell your wine.

Invest with confidence

Unparalleled security

Full insurance

Vinovest is insured with a FDIC equivalent for wine to protect each bottle against breakage and loss

Authenticity guaranteed

Our wine experts ensure the authenticity of every single bottle we purchase.

Securely stored

Our worldwide network of state-of-the-art storage facilities keep your wines in perfect condition.