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Making fine wine more sustainable

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The science is clear

🌎 Making Fine Wine More Sustainable

The science is clear. The world has a carbon problem. There is a growing layer of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere that traps heat and changes the earth’s climate. As a result, humans have already warmed the planet by 1° centigrade.

As we approach a point-of-no-return, the European Parliament predicts shipping emissions could grow by 50 to 250 percent by 2050. Without significant changes, billions of people will be more vulnerable to unprecedented heat, flooding, and environmental degradation. Simply put: we must act now.

Vinovest is leading the way

To a more sustainable future

Improve our business practices and protect the environment. These changes are more important than ever as the wine industry continues to grow. Even small steps, such as shorter shipping routes, can make a significant impact.

Vinovest’s Pathway Toward Sustainability

Vinovest’s supply chain carbon emissions
Carbon removal through One Tree Planted
Carbon removal through One Tree Planted
Our step towards


While the world needs to reach net zero, companies that can move faster towards that goal should. That is why Vinovest is taking a proactive approach to minimize carbon emissions. We have built the company on sustainable business practices for effective carbon reduction.

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Global Facilities

Vinovest has storage facilities near the world’s finest wine regions. This reduces the travel necessary to store wine.

Carbon Offsetting

We partner with One Tree Planted to offset carbon emissions. For every ten cases of wine you purchase, we will plant one tree. It’s our way of making your reds and whites a little greener.
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Minimize Shipping

Buy local. Ship local. It is our way of defaulting to the most sustainable shipping options.
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Digital Ownership

Our partner facilities help eliminate the need for travel. Instead of shipping a newly purchased bottle, we leave the bottle in place and simple change the digital ownership.

Effective Transparency

Vinovest will publish an annual environmental sustainability report, so clients can see the reduction in our carbon footprint.
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Grounded in Science

When scientists speak, we listen. We use the best available science to inform and improve our decision-making process.

A sustainable future for fine wine

Sustainable isn’t just good for the environment. It’s also good for business. There is research demonstrating that a systematic approach to sustainability can transform the planet and companies’ bottom lines. It’s why we are encouraging other organizations to join us in a push for a carbon-free future.

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Changing the world isn’t easy, but we believe it’s the right goal. It will require unprecedented collaboration and commitment across the globe.