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About Vinovest

What is Vinovest?

How does it work?

Why should I buy wines through Vinovest instead of buying retail?

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How long does it take for Vinovest to buy wine for my account?

Can I sell my wines at any time?

Can I select the wines for my portfolio?

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Returns and Liquidity

How and when do I earn a return?

What is the typical hold period for fine wine?

How liquid is the wine market?

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Who owns the wine in my portfolio?

How do I know that I really own the wine in my portfolio?

Does my wine portfolio come with an insurance policy?

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Fees, Minimums, Payment

Does Vinovest charge a management fee?

Does Vinovest offer discounts?

What are the minimums for the different investing plans?

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What are the benefits of Active Rebalancing?

How does Vinovest determine the criteria for active rebalancing?

During a rebalance, would you sell any of my wine at a loss?

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How do I list my wine for sale?

How long does it take to sell my wine once listed?

How will I know when my wine is successfully listed?

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Whiskey Investing

What is the minimum deposit amount?

What is the difference between the offerings?

Is whiskey transacted in US dollars or British pounds?

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Storage & Taxes

What are the value-added tax (VAT), duty, and tariff implications for fine wine investing?

Where are my wines stored?

Can Vinovest help me buy/sell my personal wine collection?

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Can I ship my wine?

What is the process for shipping wine?

How can I get my wine shipped to me?

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What are the main differences between my trading and managed accounts?

What is the minimum amount I need to invest in my trading account?

Is there a lock-up period for any wines added to my trading portfolio?

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