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Invest in Whiskey

Latest Whiskey Exit

Our latest exit was a batch of high rye bourbon sold for 30.74% above their initial purchase price.

Whiskey Exit

The hold time and performance of casks may vary and are subject to market conditions. The example provided is for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered as a guarantee or prediction of future performance.

How it Works

Vinovest allows you to buy, sell, and store your unique casks of whiskey in one place.

  • 1

    Fund your account

    American Whiskey starts at $1,750.

  • 2

    Receive whiskey

    We source, authenticate, insure and store your whiskey.

  • 3

    Track your growth

    We recommend holding your whiskey for 4 to 8+ years

  • 4

    Sell your whiskey

    We will sell your cask when it reaches maturity.

Exclusive Whiskey Benefits

    Insured & Managed

    Insured and managed by the whiskey experts


    Take the sting out of tough times with a recession-resistant asset

    Visit it

    Schedule a visit to see your cask in person

    Bottle it

    Don’t want to sell your cask? Opt to have it bottled

    Historically Great

    Historically, whiskey returns 12-18% on investment per year

Education & Support

Whiskey Guide

American Whiskey Guide

Learn about whiskey and its market dynamics in our comprehensive American Whiskey Guide.

Whiskey Faq

Help Center & FAQ

Learn more about Vinovest and get answers to our investors' most commonly asked questions.