It's time to invest in fine wine

Diversify your portfolio by investing in the world's most sought-after wines. Professionally stored for you, and always insured.

Why invest in fine wine?

It is important to invest in more than just stocks and bonds. We help you diversify your portfolio with sought-after wines that historically outperform the market.
Fine wine over time
Fine wine over time

Stable Returns

Compared to other alternative asset classes like real estate, commodities, and gold, fine wine has less long-term volatility.

Low Market Correlation

Fine wine provides a solid hedge against market volatility and even showed negative correlation to markets during the last two market downturns.

How it works


Get a customized portfolio

We leverage our global wine network to source you a portfolio of the world’s most sought-after fine wines.
Your customized portfolio
Perfect wine storing conditions

We authenticate
and store it

After we certify the authenticity of the wine, we will store it in our state-of-the-art facility to provide optimal temperature and humidity conditions 24/7. We will also insure your wine at full replacement value.

Track and manage your
wine on autopilot

Relax and enjoy as our software automatically adjusts your portfolio to ensure it stays balanced with market movements. Request photos of your wines or come visit our facilities anytime!
Ease your mind

Pick the perfect plan

2.85% Annual Fee
$5,000 minimum balance
Fees based on account balance
Diversified investment portfolios
Authenticated asset guarantee
World class storage
No additional trading fees
Unlimited portfolio rebalancing
Fully insured
Wine Lovers
2.5% Annual Fee
$50,000 minimum balance
Fees based on account balance
All of the benefits of our Standard plan
1-on-1 expert guidance
Exclusive invites to tastings and events
Customized portfolio construction
Access to rare, auction - only wines


“I have been searching for interesting alternative assets to invest in and was astounded when I learned about the strong historical performance of fine wine. Vinovest makes it effortless for me to purchase and manage my investment wines.”

- Lenn A.

“I’m not a big wine drinker, but I was really attracted to find wines underlying financial metrics and being more stable than gold or real estate and a solid hedge against stocks and bonds. I think it’s great that Vinovest handles storing and ensuring my wines while I get to enjoy add a diversification to my portfolio.”

- Qing L.

“As a wine lover, I had always been familiar with the concept that wine gets better over time. However, I had no idea how much a bottle of wine could actually appreciate. Thanks to Vinovest I can now invest in something I am passionate about!”

- McKenna W.
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