Chateau Kirwan (Best Wines to Buy in 2024, Winemaking)

by Hunter Robillard

Chateau Kirwan is a picturesque Third Growth Grand Cru Classe estate in the Margaux region of Medoc, France. 

The winery produces two exotic Bordeaux wines - Chateau Kirwan (Grand Vin) and Les Charmes de Kirwan (second wine.)

The estate was founded in 1710, and was bought by the current owners Schroder and Schyler in 1925.  Let’s explore the best Chateau Kirwan bottles, their investment potential and serving recommendations. We’ll also look at the estate’s vineyards and winemaking practices.

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6 Decadent Chateau Kirwan Wines To Buy In 2024

Before we get into the best bottles, here’s a bit more on the two red wines made at this Bordeaux winery

  • Chateau Kirwan: The Grand Vin is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and smaller quantities of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The wine spends 18 months in new French oak barrels. 
  • Les Charmes de Kirwan: The second wine, launched in 1993, is made with grapes from the youngest vines. It has approximately 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc, and 10% Petit Verdot

Now, here are the best Chateau Kirwan wines you should consider buying now:

1. 1959 Chateau Kirwan Margaux, France ($475)


Here is a lovely red wine from the Margaux region of France with the aroma of earth, toasted bread, and black fruit. The palate has flavors of plum reduction, licorice, and supple tannins. 

2. 2000 Chateau Kirwan Margaux, France ($128)


This garnet wine has a sweet aroma of black fruit, tobacco leaf, and warmed cassis. The palate has blackberry preserve flavors, good acidity, and a sweet tannin mouthfeel.

3. 2005 Chateau Kirwan Margaux, France ($121)


Here we have a Bordeaux blend with a complex nose of black raspberries and wild strawberry scents. The palate has blackberry preserve flavors and subtle background oak along with a distinct tannin texture. 

4. 1996 Chateau Kirwan Margaux, France ($99)


This complex wine from the Margaux appellation has Asian spices, warmed cassis, tobacco leaf, and black fruit aromas. The palate has tasting notes of toasted bread, black cherry, red fruit, as well as a suave texture and dense tannins. 

5. 2006 Chateau Kirwan Les Charmes de Kirwan Margaux, France ($117)


This second wine is dark garnet in color and has cassis, Asian spices, and wild strawberry scents. The palate is intense with black raspberries, plum reduction, licorice, and black plum flavors. The wine also has medium length and supple tannins.

6. 2009 Chateau Kirwan Les Charmes de Kirwan Margaux, France ($61)


Here is a magnificent red wine with the aroma of black cherry, iodine blossom, red fruit, and cassis fruit. The palate has a lovely tannin mouthfeel along with black plum flavors and subtle background oak notes that enhance the wine's richness. 

Now, if you happen to visit the Margaux region, don’t forget to take a wine tour of Chateau Kirwan. 

You’ll discover its history, vineyard operations, how the wine is made, and even enjoy a helicopter visit of the vineyard. Also, don’t miss sipping the finest ones at the estate’s charming tasting room!

Next, let’s see why you should invest in a bottle of Chateau Kirwan wine.

Investing in Chateau Kirwan


Chateau Kirwan produces nearly 16,000 cases of wine annually. The grand vin wine can age up to 25 years. 

Both wines of Chateau Kirwan enjoy stable price increases. For example:

  • The 2005 Chateau Kirwan rose from $81 in 2020 to $123 in 2021, a 52% increase.
  • The 2006 Chateau Kirwan Les Charmes de Kirwan grew by 185% from $41 in 2019 to $117 in 2021. 

Chateau Kirwan is in demand at many auctions too. For example, at a 2017 Christie’s auction, 24 bottles of the 2003 Chateau Kirwan sold for $1,225.

Now, let’s take a look at the Chateau’s beautiful vineyards.

Chateau Kirwan Vineyards and Winemaking


The Chateau Kirwan vineyard lands are located on the Cantenac Plateau in the Margaux appellation. The terroir is made up of sand, gravel, and limestone soils.

The vineyard is 40 hectares in size and is divided into 46 different vine parcels planted with the following grape varietals:

  • 45% Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • 30% Merlot 
  • 15% Cabernet Franc
  • 10% Petit Verdot

The estate also recently planted some Carmenere grapevines to use in small quantities in the Grand Vin. 

Winemaking at Chateau Kirwan


After the fruit is harvested and sorted, it goes through a 25-day fermentation process. 

Then the final blend is aged for about 20 months in 40% new French oak barrels.

After barrel maturation, the wine is fined with egg white and racked by candlelight to remove sediment. 

Chateau Kirwan Wines: How to Serve and Food Pairing


Younger vintages of Chateau Kirwan can be enjoyed after about 3 hours of decanting. Older vintages can be poured directly into the glass and enjoyed.

Serve a glass of Chateau Kirwan with classic dishes like grilled chicken, game, duck, fish courses, pasta, cheese, and Asian food.

Chateau Kirwan: A Splendid Fine Wine from Margaux


With its exceptional aging and investment potential, Chateau Kirwan wine is a great addition to any wine lover’s portfolio.

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