5 Exceptional Dom Perignon Magnum Bottles: Tasting Notes, Prices (2024)

by Hunter Robillard

What’s better than a standard Dom Perignon bottle? 

A larger-format Dom Perignon magnum!

This 1.5-liter Champagne bottle from the Moet & Chandon Champagne house is typically reserved for the brand’s most extraordinary harvest years, making it highly sought-after. Let’s discover the most exquisite Dom Perignon magnum bottles to grab in 2024, including their taste and price. Also, explore how these magnum bottles compare to the brand’s standard ones.

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Best Dom Perignon Magnum Bottles To Buy In 2024(Including Tasting Notes, Prices)

Here are five stunning Dom Perignon magnum bottles you should get hold of:

  1. 1990 Dom Perignon P3 Plenitude Brut Magnum 
  2. 1990 Dom Perignon Oenotheque Brut Millesime Magnum 
  3. 1990 Dom Perignon Rose Magnum 
  4. 1990 Dom Perignon Brut Magnum 
  5. 2009 Dom Perignon Luminous Collection Brut Millesime Magnum 

1. 1990 Dom Perignon P3 Plenitude Brut Magnum ($7000+)


This vintage Champagne bursts with aromas of ripe yellow fruit, white flower, and toasted brioche. On the palate, this Dom Perignon vintage has a perfect balance, freshness, and a beautiful finish.

2. 1990 Dom Perignon Oenotheque Brut Millesime Magnum ($7800+)


A silky blend offering a bouquet of spices and coffee, this sparkling wine leaves complex and lasting fruit flavors on the palate.

3. 1990 Dom Perignon Rose Magnum ($2,100+)


This Rose Champagne is a perfect blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with seductive aromas of black cherry, candied fruit, citrus fruit, and spices. 

4. 1990 Dom Perignon Brut Magnum ($1300+)


This Dom Perignon Champagne has a buttered toast and citrus lemon peel nose complemented by a honey-nut taste on the palate.

5. 2009 Dom Perignon Luminous Collection Brut Millesime Magnum ($500+)


Notes of white fruit, stone fruit, and brioche contribute to the aromatic purity of this wine. This graceful Champagne offers a complete balance, with a satin-like texture and good acidity.

Let’s explore how Dom Perignon magnum bottles differ from the brand’s standard ones.

Dom Perignon Magnum Vs. Standard Bottles


Unlike a standard bottle (750 ml), a Dom Perignon magnum bottle has a 1.5 liter capacity. 

Even though the bottle is larger, the amount of oxygen per ml of wine remains the same as a standard bottle - which means the wine can age for longer. So, Dom Perignon magnum bottles also retain freshness longer. 

Also, their sturdier glass absorbs vibrations easily and reduces light exposure, making them ideal for long-term cellaring. 

But because of the increased effort and cost needed to produce a magnum bottle, these large-format Dom Perignon Champagne bottles are rare. 

Moreover, Dom Perignon only produces magnum bottles in its most exceptional harvests when the grape bunches achieve the perfect ripeness.

That’s why getting your hands on a Dom Perignon magnum bottle is tough.

Invest in Exceptional Dom Perignon Magnum Bottles Through Vinovest

Dom Perignon magnum bottles are 1.5L bottles, typically reserved for the brand’s most extraordinary vintage years. 

Also, buying and storing the exceptional Dom Perignon magnum bottles is hard work.


Fortunately, Vinovest’s world-class wine experts will help you source your exotic Grand Cru and Premier Cru wine bottles and also authenticate and store them for years. Visit the Vinovest website to learn more!

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