10 Best Josh Chardonnay Bottles To Buy In 2024 (Taste, Food Pairings)

by Hunter Robillard

Josh Cellars is a family-owned wine estate in California, founded by Napa Valley vintner, Joseph Carr. Mr. Carr makes world-class, handcrafted wines by blending distinct lots at his prestigious Champagne house.

The luscious Josh Chardonnay is known for its fruit-forward flavors and buttery texture - a much-loved oaked California Chardonnay! Let’s explore Josh Chardonnay wine styles, the 10 best bottles to buy in 2024, and how to serve them.

Josh Chardonnay Wine Styles

Joseph Carr winery crafts two different types of Chardonnay wine:

1. Josh Cellars Vintage Chardonnay


The Chardonnay grapes for this vintage wine are sourced mostly from small growers in the cooler climate regions of Sonoma County and the surrounding regions in the Carneros AVA. 

The expertly crafted vintage Chardonnay has a balanced flavor profile comprising tropical fruit, citrus, honey, and toasty nuances. The wine is aged for roughly five months in American and French oak barrels, giving it that buttery texture and richness.

2. North Coast Chardonnay


The grapes for this wine are mostly sourced from the North Coast AVA like the Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake counties.

The unique coastal terroir near the Pacific Ocean is brilliantly captured in this crisp and elegant Chardonnay. It epitomizes the signature Josh Cellars style of fruit-forward wines with subtle oak nuances and crisp acidity.

10 Best Josh Chardonnay Bottles

Here’s our list of the 10 best Josh Chardonnay bottles to buy in 2024:

1. 2003 Joseph Carr Josh Cellars Chardonnay ($16)


This 2003 vintage has fruity aromas of juicy peach, honey, and pear, along with a toasty oak character. The palate is marked by a rich mouthfeel and a long finish with citrus hints.

2. 2015 Joseph Carr Josh Cellars Chardonnay ($16)


Refreshing aromas of tropical fruit and lemon oil open this delicious Chardonnay wine. Juicy yellow peaches and subtle oak notes dominates the palate with a fresh and lingering finish.

3. 2018 Joseph Carr Josh Cellars Chardonnay ($16)


This is a medium-bodied wine with aromas of tart fruit and honey. The palate has butter and vanilla notes from oak aging.

4. 2012 Joseph Carr Josh Cellars Chardonnay ($15)


The nose of this Josh Cellars vintage opens with stone fruits, crème brulee, and nutty aromas. The palate is dense with lingering flavors of caramel and almonds, along with lively acidity.

5. 2017 Joseph Carr Josh Cellars Chardonnay ($15)


This expressive vintage has a nose of lemon oil, honey, rye bread, and vanilla. The palate has a soft texture with bright citrus notes and a clean finish.

6. 2017 Joseph Carr Josh Cellars Family Reserve Chardonnay ($13)


This bold reserve wine has tantalizing fruity and citrus aromas. On the palate, notes of apple, pear, and figs complement the buttery nuances of the oak.

7. 2018 Joseph Carr Josh Cellars Buttery Chardonnay Reserve ($17)


This special release wine has juicy peach, butter, and earth on the nose. On the palate, the fruity flavor of the wine blends with smoke and toasted oak nuances.

8. 2017 Joseph Carr Josh Cellars Sonoma Reserve Chardonnay ($17)


This great wine has rich flavors of citrus fruits on the palate. A great soft texture and vanilla hints lend smoothness and elegance to the palate.

9. 2017 Joseph Carr Josh Cellars Craftman's Collection Chardonnay ($13)


This limited-release wine has notes of orange, apple, butter, and nutmeg. On the palate, the wine is textured and has mild acidity - perfect for a white wine enthusiast.

10. 2019 Joseph Carr Josh Cellars Craftman's Collection Chardonnay ($13)


The 2019 vintage of the Craftman's Collection Chardonnay has complex tropical fruit aromas. The palate has approachable tannins and a refreshing lemon finish.

How to Serve Josh Chardonnay


Josh Chardonnay should ideally be served at 7oC-12oC.

These brilliant California Chardonnays are best enjoyed with seafood dishes (like shrimp, steamed mussels, and shellfish appetizers), creamy pastas, and roasted chicken.

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