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Wine consistently outperforms other alternative assets. Vinovest makes wine investment easy.

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People are taking notice

Grow your passion and returns

Your investment sommelier

Curated portfolio

We choose investment grade, globally diversified wines that perform more consistently and reliably than gold or cryptocurrency.


We authenticate, store, and secure your wine. The wine is yours to enjoy when you please. We’ll even ship it to you.

Insider pricing

Vinovest purchases proven vintages and emerging contenders below retail, increasing returns and maximizing your investment.


Proprietary financial models and historical data ensure a balanced portfolio of the stable, high performing wines.

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How it works

Invest in minutes

Share your goals

Stable returns or more aggressive, your goals shape a curated portfolio of wines.

Own your wine

Master sommeliers fused with AI-driven algorithms select proven, appreciating wines to invest in.

Watch it grow and mature

You now own your wines, but we take care of them. Buy more, sell or enjoy them as you wish.

Add wine to your portfolio

Our offerings


proven, world-class wines FOR your portfolio
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  • Diversified investment portfolios
  • Authenticated asset guarantee
  • World class storage
  • No additional trading fees
  • Unlimited portfolio rebalancing
  • Fully insured
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  • $5,000 minimum balance
  • 2.85% Annual Fee


invest alongside world class WINE EXPERTS
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  • All of the benefits of our Standard plan
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  • 1-on-1 expert guidance
  • Exclusive invites to tastings and events
  • Customized portfolio construction
  • Access to rare, auction - only wines
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  • $50,000 minimum balance
  • 2.5% Annual Fee

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What our customers and partners are saying

“ Investing in wine has never been so easy! They choose the best wines for you! Sit back and sip your wine.”


“Thanks to Vinovest I can now invest in something I am passionate about!”

McKenna weinstein

" Vinovest makes it effortless for me to purchase and manage my investment wines.”

Jane lopes, Wine director at attica