Beringer Chardonnay: 8 Best Wine Bottles, Prices, Interesting Facts

by Anthony Zhang

Beringer has over 130 years of rich winemaking history and is rightfully called an icon of the Napa Valley

The winery has been producing critically acclaimed red and white wines since 1876.

Beringer Chardonnay is rich and buttery - a product of months of malolactic fermentation in hand-picked French oak barrels. These Chardonnay wines have fresh fruit flavors and pleasant acidity.   In this article, we'll cover the 8 best bottles of Beringer Chardonnay to buy right now, some interesting facts about Beringer Chardonnay, and a brief look at the Beringer Vineyard.

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8 Best Beringer Chardonnay Wines to Buy Today

Here are the eight best bottles of Beringer Chardonnay to get your hands on right now:

1. 1998 Beringer Vineyards Sbragia Limited Release Chardonnay ($99)


This Beringer Chardonnay is rich and full-bodied. It has lush fruit flavors of toasty pear, tropical fruit, butter, cream, and citrus that leave a lasting finish on your palate. 

2. 2004 Beringer Vineyards Private Reserve Chardonnay ($73)


Introduced with the 1978 vintage, his 2004 Beringer Chardonnay features big flavors of hazelnuts, honeyed pineapple, poached pears, creme brulee, and toasty oak. This white wine has vivid citrus flavors and a vibrant acidity that offsets its lush fruit flavors. 

3. 2019 Beringer Winery Exclusive Napa Valley Chardonnay ($33)


Hailing from Carneros, this Beringer Chardonnay leaves you with a refreshing mouthfeel. It has flavors of golden apple, honeyed apricot, and anjou pear, with lively acidity. Its flavor is layered with aromas of lemon meringue, ripe stone fruit, and vanilla. 

4. 2015 Beringer Vineyards 'Luminus' Chardonnay ($61)


Sourced from the producer’s Big Ranch Vineyard, this white wine is rich and features a heady oak aroma. It has flavors of honeyed apricot, bright citrus, orange peel, and a hint of baking spice that leaves a lasting finish on the palate.  

5. 2016 Beringer Vineyards Rhine House Collection Chardonnay ($38)


This 2016 Beringer Chardonnay is rich and creamy, with moderate acidity. It has flavor notes of citrus and toasted almond, coupled with the aromas of apples, pears, and ripe stone fruit.

6. 1987 Beringer Vineyards Chardonnay ($58)


This yellow-pale colored white wine has flavors of vanilla, caramel, tropical fruit, and ripe stone fruit. This medium-bodied dry wine is layered with aromas of apple and lime. 

7. 2013 Beringer Vineyards Founders' Estate Chardonnay ($27)


This white wine gives you a fresh palate with a hint of sweetness. Its flavor sings of cooked apple, pear skin, honeyed tropical fruit, and bright citrus. The peachy aroma makes this enticing blend a food-friendly white wine. 

8. Beringer Vineyards 'Beringer Bros.' Bourbon Barrel Aged Chardonnay ($16)


For this wine, the Chardonnay grape is picked at peak flavor development and aged in American Oak Bourbon barrels. It’s a bold Chardonnay that features a flavor of baked golden apple, lemon curd, and toasted almond with a buttery and lasting finish.

Interesting Facts About Beringer Chardonnay (Characteristics, Food Pairings, Aging)


Let's get some more insight into Beringer Chardonnay wines:

How Much Alcohol Does a Bottle of Beringer Chardonnay Wine Have?

A bottle of Beringer Chardonnay has around 14 - 15% ABV. 

How many calories does a bottle of Beringer Chardonnay Wine have?

A Beringer Chardonnay bottle with 14% alcohol has around 123 calories. 

How to Serve a Beringer Chardonnay Wine

Beringer wines are best served at 15.5° Celsius or 59° Fahrenheit. This cool temperature gives the wine more freshness and lift. 

What Food Pairs Best With a Beringer Chardonnay Wine?

Beringer Chards are best served with all types of seafood and shellfish, sushi, sashimi, chicken, veal, pork, and cheese.

What is the Aging Potential of a Beringer Chardonnay Wine?

Beringer Chardonnay Wines are best to store and drink young. Some of the finest bottles have a cellaring potential of 5-7 years. 

Let’s now take a quick look at some facts about the Beringer winery. 

Beringer Vineyard: Quick Facts About the Napa Valley Icon


Beringer was the first winery to offer public tours in 1934. It remains at the top of every wine enthusiast's list of places to visit in Napa Valley, California. 

Here are a few quick facts about the iconic Beringer winery:

When was Beringer Vineyards founded?

Beringer Vineyards was founded by the brothers Jacob and Frederick Beringer. It was founded in the year 1876 and has been operating continuously in the Napa Valley, California, since then. 

Who Owns the Beringer Vineyards?

The winery is owned by The Wine Group (TWG) today. Mark Beringer, Jacob Beringer’s descendent, is the Chief Winemaker and overlooks the winery’s operations in Napa. 

What Other Wines Does Beringer Vineyards Produce?

Besides the Chardonnay wines, the winery also produces these exceptional Napa wine varieties:

How Many Vineyards Does Beringer Own?

The Beringer winery owns seven vineyards in Napa, including:

  • Bancroft Ranch (Howell Mountain)
  • Steinhauer Ranch (Howell Mountain)
  • Vogt Vineyard (Howell Mountain)
  • Chabot Vineyard (St. Helena)
  • St. Helena Home (St. Helena)
  • Lampyridae Vineyard (Mt. Veeder)
  • Marston Vineyard (Spring Mountain)

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