Cabernet Sauvignon Rose

Cabernet Sauvignon Rose Wine (Food Pairings, Best Bottles, Prices)

by Elaine Lau

Cabernet Sauvignon, the ultimate red wine grape, is also used to craft delicate rose wines that are distinct from its bold reds. 

These pink-hued Cabs date back to the grape’s origin when traditional winemaking produced less tannic and light-colored fruity wines. 

Let’s discover everything about Cabernet Sauvignon Rose, including its winemaking, top bottles, and best food pairings.

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What is Cabernet Sauvignon Rose?

Cabernet Sauvignon Rose

Cabernet Sauvignon Rose is a dry, savory wine slightly more acidic than a red Cab. 

It is also referred to as ‘blush’- a term coined by the ​​wine writer Jerry Mead for a pale pink Cabernet Sauvignon produced by a Sonoma County winery in the 1970s.

Once popular only in some French wine regions like Provence, these pink wines are known worldwide today, especially in the United States, Chile, Israel, and South Africa.

How is Cabernet Sauvignon Rose Made?

Cabernet Sauvignon Rose bottles

The Cabernet Sauvignon Rose is produced using the Saignee (“bleed'') method. 

During red wine fermentation, some juice is removed from the must to increase flavor and color concentration in the wine. The bled juice of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes is stored in a new vat to produce rose wine, which is often sold as a second label. 

Though traditionally used to intensify red wine flavors, Saignee is now a common rose wine production technique.

These Cab Sauv Rose wines have high acidity levels because they are not aged in oak.

Top 8 Cabernet Sauvignon Rose Wines to Buy (Including Tasting Notes, Prices)

Here are our top picks for the best Cabernet Sauvignon Rose wines to try in 2021:

1. 2019 Nevo Winery Rose ($515)

2019 Nevo Winery Rose

This refreshing varietal Cabernet Sauvignon Rose offers a fruity palate of strawberry, citrus zest, and watermelon offset by a tantalizing lemon and cranberry aroma.

2. 2001 Galante Vineyards Red Rose Hill Cabernet Sauvignon ($200)

2001 Galante Vineyards Red Rose Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

Here we have an acidic California pink wine with an exquisite ripe fruit nose and a maraschino cherry, raspberry, and lime flavor. It presents excellent minerality and a hint of sweetness from the residual sugar. 

3. 2013 Domaine du Castel Rose du Castel ($40)

2013 Domaine du Castel Rose du Castel

This vintage Rose has a good mineral mouthfeel, bright acidity, and citrus fruit and green pepper aroma. The rich cherry, fresh strawberry, and melon notes balance the fragrant nose.

4. 2019 Dixie & Bass Cabernet Sauvignon Rose ($39)

2019 Dixie & Bass Cabernet Sauvignon Rose

Here’s a pink wine with blackberry and pepper spice aromas offset by a remarkable orange rind note and black currant flavor. 

5. 2020 Kelly Fleming Rose ($32)

2020 Kelly Fleming Rose

This great wine from California opens with a delightful bouquet of watermelon, orange creamsicle, and red berry. The palate is equally refreshing with a citrus fruit, pomelo note, and a hint of herbs. 

6. 2020 Trump Winery Rose ($21)

2020 Trump Winery Rose

Here’s an exquisite wine with beautiful rose aromas and mesmerizing cherry, melon, and cranberry notes with a slight sweetness from the residual sugar.

7. 2016 Donati Family Vineyard Rose ($14)

2016 Donati Family Vineyard Rose

Delicate cherry limeade and raspberry aromas define this vintage Rose wine that also offers a zesty palate of lemon, grapefruit, and fresh strawberry.

8. 2016 Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rose ($12)

2016 Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rose

This exceptional Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rose wine presents an aromatic nose of rose hip and blackberry and red fruit flavors. 

Best Food Pairings for Cabernet Sauvignon Rose

Cabernet Sauvignon Rose with cheeses

Cabernet Sauvignon Rose is an excellent companion to seafood, salmon dishes, vegetable platters, salads, and a range of cheeses

The bright acidity of this great wine complements salty food and works well with appetizers.

 Enjoy the Delicate Tipple of a Cabernet Sauvignon Rose 

Cabernet Sauvignon Rose

The Cabernet Sauvignon Rose is a trendy wine that enchants you with opulent floral aromas and juicy fruit flavors. 

Stock a bottle of the incredible wine to wow your guests at the next house party!

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