15 Unique Wine Glasses To Elevate Your Drinking Experience

by Hunter Robillard
unique wine glasses that can bring extra flair and excitement to any occasion! Discover the 15 most unique wine glasses that’ll elevate your wine drinking experience.

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15 Unique Wine Glasses To Add To Your Arsenal

Let’s explore some of the most unusual wine glasses you can buy right now:

1. Julia Child-Inspired Wine Glass


Cooking legend Julia Child famously said she enjoyed cooking while drinking wine and even put some in the food while cooking! 

This inspired the creation of a crystal wine glass set that measures wine in both cups (for cooking) and sips (for drinking). The stemmed glass has precise markings for ¼ cups and 60ml sips.

2. Three-Legged Wine Glass


If you like a modern take on your glassware, a three-legged wine glass will be right up your alley. This unique wine glass is usually made with borosilicate glass and would be a funky addition to your wine cabinet.

3. Festive Champagne Flutes


Beautiful Champagne flutes would be the perfect accompaniment to your favorite sparkling wine bottle. 

The glass itself would be double-walled, so your Champagne never gets warm, and the glass never condenses. 

4. Portable Wine Glass


When the weather is good, it makes sense to enjoy a wine bottle outdoors. A portable wine tumbler is just what you need for pool parties, picnics, camping, and other outdoor adventures. 

It has double walls, a floating stem, a lid, and a convenient spout for sipping — perfect if you want to use it as an alternative to your traditional wine glass. Did we mention it comes in a variety of colors?

5. The Bottoms Up Champagne Glass


A Champagne glass that’s a mix of coupe and flute is an interesting take on the traditional wine glass. This unique wine glass fills up with wine from the base of the stem. 

It is perfect for Champagne as the fizz is preserved for longer than usual, and the coupe-type bowl lets you fully take in the wine’s aroma. It also works well as a white wine glass.

6. Angled Wine Glass


Angled wine glasses are a fun addition to a dinner party. They lean sideways thanks to their angled stems, while the bowl is reminiscent of a goblet. Perfect for a tipsy evening!

7. Stemless Glass with Ice Mold


A stemless wine glass is a great way to enjoy your favorite wine without worrying about breaking a fragile stemmed glass. 

A glass set with a spherical, silicone ice mold is ideal if you decide to use the glasses for whiskey. 

We love dual-purpose glassware!

8. Silicone Travel Glass


A silicone travel wine tumbler is durable and collapsible. 

You can fold this unbreakable wine glass and slide it into your pocket or purse and pull it out when it’s time to pop open a wine bottle and drink — no more worrying about breaking anything with butterfingers.

9. Kinetic Revolving Wine Glasses


Revolving stemless glassware pieces offer a solution to a particular problem: swirling your red wine without warming it with your hands.

The angled wine glasses revolve in a circle, aerating the wine. The rim is thin, and the glass is easy to hold.

10. The 3-Point Sipper


Imagine a funny wine glass set that resembles a sippy cup with an unconventional straw for easy drinking. 

Such glassed have a 3-point base for an easy grip. A set of two come in cute, 70s inspired packaging making it the perfect gift for a red wine lover. 

11. Gold-Finish Wine Glasses


Drinking wine just got more elegant with a beautiful Champagne flute and wine glass collection. The gold detail at the bottom of the bowl is sure to wow your guests at your next party when you pop open a bottle of sparkling wine.

12. Mason Jar Wine Glass


The mason jar wine glass is an unusual wine tumbler that may have you doing a double-take because of its thick stem. 

It’s a fun way to drink a wine cocktail and it’s ideal if you don’t like to refill your glass often!

13. The Copper Goblet


What’s not to love about a medieval-looking wine goblet made from copper? The stem is made of brass to offer a beautiful contrast. The design is sleek and textured and won’t tarnish with use.

14. Dragon Sculpted Wine Glass


A wine glass becomes pretty extra when there’s a striking dragon sculpted into a pewter-inspired stem underneath a glass bowl. This would be a great red wine glass option. 

15. Mouth-Blown Wine Glasses


No wine glass list would be complete without a Schott Zwiesel creation. Choose from 5 beautiful pairs:

  • White wine glass
  • Red wine glass
  • Burgundy glass 
  • Champagne flute
  • Stemless wine glass 

What makes these stemware pieces unusual is that they’re mouth-blown and made with titanium crystal glass. 

Drink Your Wine in Style!

A wine expert or Sommelier would say that you only need three glass types: a red wine glass (like a Bordeaux glass), a white wine glass, and a Champagne flute. These are all you need to enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Port wine, and Champagne.

But, you don’t have to limit yourself to those. Next time you’re reaching to buy a regular wine glass, choose one of these unique wine glasses instead. They make wine drinking fun, whether you’re on your own or with a crowd. 


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