10 Brilliant Barefoot Red Wine Bottles (Styles, Tasting Notes, Prices)

by Anthony Zhang

From buttery Cabernet Sauvignon to bubbly sweet red Champagne, Barefoot has a red wine for every occasion. 

These exquisite red wines are loved for their kaleidoscopic flavor profiles and enticing aromatics.

In this article, we'll explore the stunning Barefoot red wine collection and uncover its signature wine styles, best bottles, and ideal food pairings.  We'll also go over how the Barefoot red wines are produced.

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The Stunning Barefoot Red Wine Collection (Wine Styles, Best Wines, Food Pairings)

Here are Barefoot's 13 exceptional styles of red wine:

Let's unveil their enchanting tasting notes, discover their best bottles, and look at some delectable food pairings.

1. Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon


The Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon wine opens with black cherry and red fruit aromas with mossy oak notes. It has a buttery palate with mild tannins, bright acidity, and a hint of raspberry. 

Best Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon Wines:

  • 2012 Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon ($21)
  • 2018 Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon ($10)
  • NV Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon ($6)

Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon pairs excellently with lamb, beef, and other red meats.

2. Barefoot Shiraz


This single varietal wine offers red berry and black pepper notes with light tannins. The spicy Barefoot Shiraz flaunts a seductive nose dominated by plum, peach, and vanilla scents.

Best Barefoot Shiraz Wines:

  • 2011 Barefoot Shiraz ($21)
  • 2019 Barefoot Shiraz ($7)
  • NV Barefoot Shiraz ($7)

This Shiraz is a great accompaniment to steak, sticky ribs, and thick stew.

3. Barefoot Merlot


This classic Merlot greets the nose with boysenberry and plum aromas. On the palate, the Barefoot Merlot is rounded and medium-bodied with a long mocha finish.

Best Barefoot Merlot Wines:

  • 2014 Barefoot Merlot ($21)
  • 2007 Barefoot Merlot ($7)
  • NV Barefoot Merlot ($6)

Pair these Merlot wines with juicy burgers, grilled tuna, and roasted chestnuts.

4. Barefoot Malbec


Barefoot Malbec has a smooth palate bursting with blackberry and cherry flavors. Its nose unveils a gorgeous bouquet of currant and toasted oak aromas.

Best Barefoot Malbec Wines:

  • 2018 Barefoot Malbec ($10)
  • 2014 Barefoot Malbec ($7)
  • NV Barefoot Malbec ($6)

This dry wine compliments mushroom pastas, pulled pork, and salsa.

5. Barefoot Jammy Red


The sweet aromas of this Barefoot red wine give way to a smooth palate exploding with cherry, blackberry, and strawberry jam flavors.

Best Jammy Red Wines:

  • 2020 Barefoot Jammy Red ($7)
  • 2019 Barefoot Jammy Red ($6)

Barefoot Jammy Red is a match made in heaven with BBQ dishes, steaks, and sausages - perfect for backyard barbeques.

6. Barefoot Sweet Red


This non-vintage wine is a sweet red wine blend that reveals cherry and raspberry candy aromas. Its palate is jammy and ripe with plum and pomegranate notes leading to a soft finish.

Enjoy this sweet red wine with marinated steak, veggies, and grilled meat.

A bottle of Barefoot Sweet Red costs around $6 — perfect for those who fancy affordable sweet reds!

7. Barefoot Rich Red Blend


Its smooth palate wonderfully balances spice and vanilla flavors. On the nose, the Barefoot Rich Red Blend reveals a jammy character with tons of black fruit aroma.

You can pair this wine with poultry, veal, or beef dishes. 

A Barefoot Rich Blend bottle costs around $5-$6.

8. Barefoot Pinot Noir


Barefoot's non-vintage Pinot Noir wine has an enticing nose of wintergreen and grenadine fragrances. This smooth sipping wine has a satiny palate boasting juicy red cherry and chocolate flavors.

It pairs beautifully with steak, prime rib, and beef dishes.

A bottle of Barefoot Pinot Noir will cost you around $5-$7.

9. Barefoot Red Moscato


Like the Barefoot Pink Moscato, its red counterpart is a deliciously sweet wine with red cherry flavors and a citrusy finish. The bottle opens with beautiful raspberry and floral aromas.

Relish the wine with a fresh fruit bowl, chocolate cake, or soft cheeses.

You can get a bottle of Barefoot Red Moscato for $6. 

10. Barefoot Red Zinfandel


Intense red fruit and spice aromas meet the nose. The unique Barefoot Red Zinfandel comes with a palate tasting like cola and jam, culminating in a long fruity finish.

This Barefoot wine will elevate your lamb, poultry, and beef delicacies. 

Barefoot Red Zinfandel costs around $7 for each bottle.

11. Barefoot Shiraz Cabernet


The wine offers explosive flavors of black pepper and dark fruit on the palate. It has a tempting bouquet of toasty vanilla and blackberry scents.

Savor this Shiraz Cabernet with duck, beef in mushroom sauce, and spiced tomato dishes.

Barefoot Shiraz Cabernet is priced at $7 per bottle. 

12. Barefoot Bubbly Sweet Red Champagne


The nose of this sparkling red wine exhibits mandarin orange and jasmine fragrances. The bubbly's palate showcases pomegranate and dark cherry flavors, elevated by a sweet finish.

This Champagne matches excellently with caviar, ham, and salty foods.

A bottle of exquisite Barefoot Sweet Red Champagne costs about $10.

13. Barefoot Sangria Red Wine


A blend of lemon and grapefruit flavors dominates the palate. The Barefoot Sangria (ABV 11%) reveals pineapple and lime notes when opened.

This sweet red is a delicious combination with meatballs, pizza, and fried calamari.

You can get your hands on a Barefoot Sangria Red Wine bottle for $7.

Let's now check out how Barefoot's scintillating red wines are produced:

How Is Barefoot Red Wine Made?


The red grapes are harvested based on fruit ripeness — sugar level increases with ripeness. 

When the red grapes are ripe enough, they're picked using machines at night. The reason for harvesting grapes in the middle of the night is simple: the grapes are cool and firm at night, ensuring that they stay intact during transportation.

The harvested red grapes are then transported to the Barefoot winery (owned by the Gallo family), where they're mechanically pressed into juice.

Later, the grape juice (with the skins) undergoes fermentation. Once the fermentation is complete, the Barefoot red wines are pressed, blended, and bottled.

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