Bouchard Pere et Fils: Wine Types, 10 Brilliant Bottles (2024)

by Anthony Zhang

The historic Bouchard Pere et Fils wine estate crafts more than 100 exceptional Burgundy wines.

Founded in 1731 by Michel Bouchard, it is one of the oldest wine estates in Burgundy and is one of the largest land-owners in the Cote d’Or region. Let’s go through the wine classification, 10 best wines, vineyards and winemaking practices of this winery. We’ll also show you an easy way to buy authentic Bouchard Pere et Fils wines in 2024.

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The Bouchard Pere Et Fils Wine Estate


Where is Bouchard Pere Et Fils?

Bouchard Pere et Fils is located in the Cote de Beaune wine region of Burgundy, France

Who owns Bouchard Pere Et Fils?

The winery is owned and managed by the Henriot family, the owner of the prestigious Champagne Henriot.

Bouchard Pere et Fils produces a stunning range of Burgundy wines using the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties.

The fruit for Grand Cru and Premier Cru Burgundy wines is sourced from the family’s 130 hectares of vineyard holdings.

Bouchard Pere et Fils also sources its fruit from other growers in prestigious appellations like Maconnais, Côte Chalonnaise, and Beaujolais - making it a wine merchant or negociant.

Bouchard Pere Et Fils Wine Appellations

Bouchard Pere Et Fils wines are classified into four categories:

1. Grand Cru


12 of the plots in the Bouchard vineyard are classified as Grand Cru and include prestigious names like Montrachet, Corton-Charlemagne, Chambertin-Clos de Bèze, Clos Vougeot, and Le Corton. The Grand Cru red wines and white wines undergo French oak barrel aging for about 12-14 months. 

2. Premier Cru


The Premier Cru red wines and white wines are aged for 9-14 months in French oak, and they can age for 7-10 years in the bottle.

Some of the finest Premier Cru wines are:

  • Beaune Grèves Vigne de l'Enfant Jésus (Vigne Enfant Jésus or the vine of baby Jesus)
  • Meursault Genevrières
  • Beaune du Chateau

3. Appellation Village


Bouchard Pere et Fils’ appellation village red wines and white wines are aged for 8-12 months inside each French oak barrel, and they have an aging potential of 3-7 years.

The best Bouchard Pere et Fils appellation village wines include:

  • Pommard
  • Aloxe-Corton
  • Pouilly-Fuissé

4. Appellation Régionale


The appellation régionale wines include:

  • Bourgogne Chardonnay - La Vignée
  • Bourgogne Pinot Noir - La Vignée
  • Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Beaune

Take a look at the best Bouchard Pere et Fils wines you should get your hands on.

10 Best Bouchard Pere Et Fils Wines To Buy In 2024 (Including Tasting Notes, Pricing)

If you want to add high-performing Bouchard Père et Fils wines to your wine cellar, here’s a list you can choose from:

1. 1906 Bouchard Pere & Fils La Romanee Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits, France ($19,883)


This wine has a spicy, black fruit flavour and notes of anise, clove, underbrush, and menthol. It has a beautiful character and a long finish.

2. 1967 Bouchard Pere & Fils Montrachet Grand Cru, Cote de Beaune, France ($5,694)


This vintage is characterized by a prominent aroma of licorice and tasting notes of clove, cherry, and raspberry. It has brilliant acidity and offers a refreshing, long finish.

3. 1945 Bouchard Pere & Fils Bonnes-Mares Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits, France ($2,304)


This wine has floral, spice, and licorice notes. On the palate, it offers a silky texture and a long, dry finish.

4. 2018 Bouchard Pere & Fils La Cabotte Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru, Cote de Beaune, France ($618)


This vintage is marked by fresh acidity and a complex structure. It has notes of mushroom, tannin, and anise. On the palate, it’s quite elegant and offers a long finish.

5. 1984 Bouchard Pere & Fils Gevrey-Chambertin, Cote de Nuits, France ($603)


This wine has notes of tannin, raspberry, and strawberry. On the palate, it offers refreshing acidity and a long finish.

6. 2007 Bouchard Pere & Fils Aux Malconsorts, Vosne-Romanee Premier Cru, France ($430)


This wine has a red fruit flavour and tannin, licorice, and spice notes. It’s also marked by high acidity and the presence of some earthy elements.

7. 1990 Bouchard Pere & Fils Les Pezerolles, Pommard Premier Cru, France ($322)


This vintage has an aroma of red fruit such as cherry or strawberry. It has a rich, firm structure that offers a long finish.

8. 1989 Bouchard Pere & Fils Volnay Cailleret Ancienne Cuvee Carnot, Volnay Premier Cru, France ($207)


This wine has a prominent aroma of lilac, along with notes of spice, rose, and sandalwood. It has a wild berry flavour, a silky texture, and fresh acidity.

9. 1960 Bouchard Pere & Fils Puligny-Montrachet, Cote de Beaune, France ($129)


It is a buttery and complex wine with notes of mushroom, anise, and clove. It’s a dry wine that offers refreshing acidity and a long finish.

10. 2013 Bouchard Pere & Fils Meursault Charmes, Meursault Premier Cru, France ($108)


This vintage wine has a complex structure that reflects the prestigious appellations where its fruits are sourced. It has fresh acidity and notes of mushroom, clove, and anise.

Is Bouchard Pere Et Fils Wine Investment-Worthy?


Bouchard Pere et Fils’ broad range of white and red wines displays brilliant freshness and considerable aging potential. 

You can age the Grand and Premier Cru red wines for about 7-10+ years, while the white wines come with an aging potential of 5-10 years.

These wines also show commendable price appreciation as well. For example, from Feb 2020 to May 2021, the 1967 Bouchard Pere & Fils Montrachet Grand Cru grew by a whopping 166%, from $2,181 to $5,805.

These bottles also command high prices at auctions. For instance, a 3-bottle lot of the Montrachet 2008 Bouchard Père et Fils was sold for $4,821 at Sotheby’s 2021 auction.

Let’s take a step back and look at the winery’s origins and winemaking practices as well.

The Journey of Bouchard Pere Et Fils: Nine Generations Of Brilliant Winemakers


Michel Bouchard (a textile merchant) founded the winery in 1731.

Since then, the wine estate has passed through nine generations of the Bouchard family:

  • In 1775, Joseph Bouchard, Michel’s son, acquired his first vineyard holdings in Volnay Les Caillerets and started expanding the family’s vineyard holdings.
  • During the French Revolution, Antoine Philibert Joseph Bouchard, Joseph’s son, further expanded the family’s vineyard holdings.
  • In 1820, the Bouchard family purchased the Chateau de Beaune. The 4,000-barrel cellar shelters a unique collection of 2,000 bottles from the 19th century.

In 1995, the Bouchard family decided to sell the Domaine to the esteemed Champagne producer Joseph Henriot.      

The Henriot family continues the tradition of producing exceptional wines from the fruit of over 450 vineyard plots.

The Remarkable Vineyards And Winemaking Practices Of Bouchard Pere Et Fils


The family’s vineyard holdings comprise 130 hectares of vineyards in Cote d’Or and include Grand Crus, Premier Crus, and even monopole plots.

The vineyards are located across several prestigious appellations like Beaujolais. Some of the top vineyard holdings are:

  • Beaune Grèves Vigne de L’Enfant Jésus
  • Corton-Charlemagne
  • Corton 
  • Volnay Les Caillerets
  • Meursault-Perrières

The typical vinification process is as follows: 

  • The grapes are transferred to the maceration tanks by gravity for fermentation. 
  • The wines are matured at the Chateau de Beaune cellar (10m underground), which provides perfect conditions for aging wine. Depending on the vineyard and the appellation, the wine is aged in an oak barrel for about 7-14 months.
  • To fully express each grape variety, some wines like Beaune du Chateau, are further aged for 3-4 months in stainless steel vats.


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