The Dom Perignon 1996 Vintage (Price, Tasting Notes, Critics’ Reviews)

by Anthony Zhang

The Dom Perignon 1996 Champagne is an iconic vintage, a product of a controversial growing season and masterful winemaking! 

This vintage bottle opens with huge flavor intensity and enticing aromas!

Let’s discover everything about the 1996 Dom Perignon vintage, including its price, taste, food pairings, and critics’ reviews.

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Was 1996 A Good Year For Dom Perignon And Champagne?


1996 was a controversial year dominated by unpredictable weather conditions in the Champagne wine region.

The year began with a cold, dry climate, and in the weeks leading up to the harvest, there were thunderstorms, followed by a sudden burst of heat.

These erratic conditions produced wine grapes that were full of flavor, sugars, and acidity. But, this growing season also created one of the most exceptional Dom Perignon Champagnes

The flip side was that the 1996 bottles were prone to losing their flavor intensity and crisp acidity and had a smaller aging potential.

How Much Does Dom Perignon 1996 Cost?


A 750ml bottle of Dom Perignon 1996 costs around $480.

How Does Dom Perignon 1996 Taste?


The brilliant 1996 Dom Perignon is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties from the Grands Cru and Premier Cru vineyards in Champagne.

The Dom Perignon 1996 has notes of candied lemons, praline, tropical fruit, and white peach.

This vintage Champagne also offers a full-bodied, creamy taste with great acidity that leaves a lasting palate impression. The stunning aromatic display finishes on a note of lightly toasted brioche.

This fine wine has a light yellow hue with shimmering green highlights and an alcohol content of 12.5%.

Food Pairings with Dom Perignon 1996


The intense tropical fruit flavors of this glimmering vintage Champagne pair exquisitely with pork, rich fish (salmon and tuna), shellfish, and soft cheeses.

Dom Perignon 1996: Critics’ Score and Reviews


The Dom Perignon 1996 by Moet & Chandon has received excellent reviews:

  • Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate: According to the famous wine critic, the 1996 vintage Champagne is even more impressive and richer than the 1990 Dom Perignon vintage.

The zesty Champagne received a whopping 98 from Robert Parker, thanks to its notes of crushed rocks, roasted hazelnuts, white pear, orange marmalade, and lemon oil.

Robert Parker also notes that this exquisite Champagne has vibrant acidity and intense toasty aromas.

  • The Wine Enthusiast: The Champagne has almond and white stone fruit (white peach) flavors. The vintage’s floral, citrus fruit, and hazelnut aromas impressed the critics and they gave this sparkling wine a spectacular score of 96.

The Wine Enthusiast also recognizes this bottle as the finest young example of a Dom Perignon with perfect balance.

  • The Wine Spectator: It is the Dom Perignon 1996’s mouthfilling richness, intense toasty hazelnut aromas, and lacy texture that gave this seductive fine wine a remarkable score of 93.
  • John Gilman: According to Gilman, the 1996 Chandon Dom Perignon has a complex blend of lemon peel, bread dough, and brisk acidity. He scored this wine a 95 and praised the French wine’s tremendous aromatic intensity and long and balanced finish.

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The Dom Perignon 1996’s huge flavor intensity and crisp acidity make it one of the most sought-after vintages.


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