Dom Perignon 2005 Vintage: Price, Tasting Notes, Food Pairings

by Anthony Zhang
Dom Perignon 2005 Champagne is crafted beautifully and is characterized by fine minerality, fresh acidity, and a gorgeous textural balance! Let’s find out all about the Dom Perignon 2005 Champagne - its tasting notes and characteristics, food pairing ideas, and its critics’ reviews and scores.

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How Much Does a bottle of 2005 Dom Perignon Cost?


A bottle of the 2005 Dom Perignon Champagne Brut costs about $270, while the 2005 Dom Perignon Rose costs around $375.

Is 2005 Dom Perignon Still Good?


The 2005 Dom Perignon Brut can be drunk till 2038, while the Brut Rose vintage is good until 2033. (In fact, any Dom Perignon vintage Champagne can improve for 10-20 years if stored properly.)

Was 2005 a Good Year for Champagne?


While August had a devastating heatwave, September brought cool weather and rain. Harvest started on September 14, when Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes were at an unprecedented aromatic maturity.

What Food Can You Pair with the Dom Perignon 2005 Wine?


The 2005 Dom Perignon Brut and Brut Rose vintage wines goes best with beef, pork, and seafood.

Dom Perignon 2005 Tasting Notes And Characteristics


Made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties, this wine lures you in with its incredible taste. Here’s what this prestige Cuvee tastes like:

  • 2005 Dom Perignon Brut: This vintage cuvee has silvery minerality, an enchanting nose with expressive fruit and sweet floral notes, and a dense, spicy palate.
  • 2005 Dom Perignon Brut Rose: This Dom Perignon Rose vintage has fresh acidity, bracing vinosity, and grainy tannins. The nose has toasted spices, guava, and tropical notes, while the palate has a subtle bitter blood orange flavor.

Dom Perignon 2005 Brut Critics’ Reviews and Scores


Let’s discover how critics review and rate the Dom Perignon vintage:

1. 2005 Dom Perignon Brut

  • James Suckling gave this full-bodied  Champagne 97 points for its ripe fruit notes and stunning depth on the palate.
  • Wine Enthusiast gave this vintage Champagne95 points for its creamy mousse flavor, warm toasty notes, and crisp acidity.
  • Wine Spectator scored this Dom Perignon Champagne 94 and praised it for its creamy texture, smoky minerality, and fruit flavors.

2. 2005 Dom Perignon Brut Rose

  • James Suckling rates the Dom Perignon Rose bottle 99 points and describes it as full-bodied wine with fine tannins and aromas of rose petals and strawberries.
  • Wine Spectator rates it 95 points and describes it as a sparkling wine with smoky minerality, spice notes, and espresso creme flavors.
  • Wine Enthusiast rates it 95 points and describes it as a beautifully mature wine with fine acidity, soft texture, and ripe fruit notes.

Ready to Enjoy A Bubbly Dom Perignon 2005 Champagne?

The 2005 Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon is an age-worthy wine that’s perfect for your cellar!


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