Guide To GSM Wine: 10 Best Bottles, Prices, Characteristics

by Anthony Zhang

GSM is an acronym for a red wine blend made with mainly Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre grapes.

GSM wine is widely produced in the Cotes du Rhône region of Southern France and in a few other warm areas across the globe.

These blended wines combine the unique flavors from the three grape varieties and are well-known for their complex red fruit flavor and fantastic aging potential.

In this article, we’ll explore the characteristics of GSM wine, the 10 best GSM wine bottles, food pairing and serving suggestions, investment opportunities, and some interesting facts about GSM wine.

The Characteristics Of GSM Wine


Winemakers create unique GSM wines by altering the blending percentage of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre grapes in the wine.

Here’s how each grape variety influences the character of the GSM wine:

  • Grenache: Gives the GSM wine soft spice notes and berry flavors. The more Grenache in the blend, the lighter the wine.
  • Syrah: Gives the wine its dark fruit flavors and black pepper notes. Syrah also adds more texture to the wine.
  • Mourvedre: Gives the wine a more intense color, higher alcohol content and tannin levels, and earthy tones. This grape variety adds structure, complexity, and weight to the wine blend. 

10 Delicious GSM Bottles To Buy In 2023

Here are the 10 best GSM bottles every wine enthusiast should try out:

1. 2005 Domaine de la Mordoree Chateauneuf-du-Pape La Plume du Peintre ($596)


This red wine blend has delicious strawberry and ripe blackcurrant flavors and rich aromas of red and dark fruit. You’ll also notice the wine’s fine tannins and elegant freshness. 

2. 2003 Domaine de la Mordoree Chateauneuf-du-Pape La Plume du Peintre ($466)


This is a full-bodied red blend with luscious ripe fruit flavors and powerful white pepper notes. The wine’s bold character ensures it pairs excellently with classic steak dishes and creamy pasta. 

3. 2016 Saxum Vineyards Bone Rock James Berry Vineyard Blend ($248)


This deep purple wine boasts beautiful black cherry flavors, white pepper notes, and chalky minerality. It is a blend of 72% Syrah, 19% Mourvedre, and some Grenache and Roussanne.

4. 1989 Lucien et Andre Brunel Chateauneuf-du-Pape Les Cailloux Cuvee Centenaire ($295)


This red wine blend is characterized by an intense dark plum aroma and eccentric blackberry flavors. Thanks to the Mourvedre grape, this Cotes du Rhône wine also has a rich game flavor and refreshing earth notes.

5. 2012 Saxum Vineyards Terry Hoage Vineyard ($195)


The 2012 Terry Hoage is a thrilling red blend of 51% Syrah, 31% Grenache, and 18% Mourvedre. On the nose, you’ll notice intense blackberry aromas and hints of mint. The palate is racy with black licorice flavors, generous spice notes, and gripping tannins.  

6. 2019 Hahn Family Wines 'SLH' GSM ($67)


Produced in the Santa Lucia Highlands in California, this GSM wine blend has a smoky nose of black cherries and red fruit. The palate is equally mesmerizing and has strawberry notes, medium tannins, and juicy acidity. 

7. 2007 Clos Saint-Jean Chateauneuf-du-Pape La Combe des Fous ($316)


This quality wine is a blend of 60% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 10% Cinsault, and 10% Vaccarese. It opens with a powerful nose of dark chocolates, black cherry, and violets and has a silky palate filled with sweet fruit notes and floral hints. 

8. 2013 La Motte Hanneli R ($85)


Produced by the Hanneli R winery in South Africa’s Western Cape, this red wine has dark cherry flavors, black pepper notes, and hints of olive. You’ll also notice the wine’s unique oaky flavor that pairs exquisitely with lamb dishes. 

9. 2019 Alkina Old Quarter ($66)


This aromatic red wine blend is produced in the Barossa Valley in South Australia and has dark plum flavors and intense citrusy chocolate notes.

10. Rusty Bike 'The Penny-Farthing' GSM ($18)


This GSM wine is produced in the Clare Valley in South Australia. It has powerful tannins, deep plum notes, and a refreshing fruity aftertaste. 

GSM Wine Food Pairing And Serving Suggestions


GSM wines pair excellently with dishes that have Mediterranean spices (red pepper, sage, rosemary, and olives). Great recommendations include steak, barbecued red meats, roasted chicken, and braised lamb shoulder. 

For the best experience, you should serve your GSM wine slightly chilled (between 55–60°F) in an Aroma Collector glass.   

Should You Invest In GSM Wines?


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GSM wines have fantastic aging potential and can be stored in your wine cellar for 5–7 years.

Additionally, GSM bottles show a steady price appreciation. For example, the 2003 Domaine de la Mordoree Chateauneuf-du-Pape La Plume du Peintre price went up by 53%, from $347 in 2020 to $530 in 2021. 

These blended wines also perform well at auctions. For example, six bottles of Domaine de la Mordorée, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Cuvée de la Reine des Bois 2001 were sold for $1,225 at a Christie's auction in 2018. 

6 Interesting Facts About GSM Wine


Here are six fascinating facts about the GSM wine blend:

  • Chateauneuf du Pape was the first official appellation to classify the GSM blend. 
  • GSM wines are predominantly produced in France's southern Rhône Valley. However, these wines are also produced in:

    • Clare Valley, Barossa Valley, and McLaren Vale (South Australia)
    • Paso Robles and the Russian River Valley (California)
    • Columbia Valley (Washington)
    • Arroyo Seco (Los Angeles)
    • Priorat (Spain)
    • The Western Cape (South Africa)
  • There are also Rose wines made by blending Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre. GSM Roses hail mainly from the Tavel region (an appellation of the southern Rhône Valley) and are rich and savory.
  • The first official GSM blends from Chateauneuf du Pape used up to 13 grape varieties, including white grapes. Today, 19 unique grape varieties are used in the blends from Chateauneuf du Pape and the Côtes du Rhône region.
  • The GSM grapes are commonly called Grenache, Shiraz, and Mataro in Australia.
  • Most GSM blends from the southern Rhone have a higher proportion of Grenache. For example, Chateau Rayas is typically produced with 90% Grenache grapes. 

Add A Mouth-Watering GSM Wine To Your Collection Now!

Although GSM wines are mainly produced in Southern France, these exquisite red blends have gained popularity worldwide.

So, if you’re looking for an investment-worthy red blend with alluring red fruit flavors and fantastic aging potential, GSM wines are definitely the right choice.


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