Dom Perignon P2 1998: What Makes It Special, Pricing, Food Pairings

by Hunter Robillard

Dom Perignon is one of the most prestigious Champagne brands owned by Moet & Chandon.

The Dom Perignon P2 1998 Champagne is an exceptional vintage with enchanting tasting notes and a creamy chewiness, which develops during its extensive aging in the Dom Perignon cellar. 

Let’s take a look at how much a bottle of Dom Perignon P2 1998 costs, what makes it special, and its tasting notes. We’ll also cover the best food pairings to go with a bottle of Dom Perignon P2 1998 and what wine critics have to say about this vintage.

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How Much is a 1998 Bottle of Dom Perignon P2 Worth?


The 1998 Dom Perignon Plenitude 2 is priced at around $475 (in 2021.) 

The P2 1998 has also seen a good price appreciation. The 750ml bottle increased from $385 in 2019 to $465 (about 20% growth) in 2021. 

The Dom Perignon P2 1998 vintage has also fetched handsome prices at auctions. For example, at a Christie’s auction in 2021: 

  • A 12 bottle case of this sparkling wine was sold for $4,395.
  • A 12 bottle lot was sold for $4,225.

What Makes the Dom Perignon P2 1998 Vintage Special?


The story of the Dom Perignon Plenitude 2 1998 is a special one. 

The season of 1998 had two extremes - record high temperatures causing a spectacular burning of the grapes in August followed by heavy rain in early September. 

The winery, then under chef de cave Richard Geoffery, postponed the grape harvest to late September when the grapes were fully ripe.

Since Dom Perignon Champagne is always a blend of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties from a single harvest, bad weather could’ve almost prevented the 1998 vintage from existing!

How Does Dom Perignon P2 1998 Taste?


The Dom Perignon Plenitude 2 1998 has an intense aromatic persistence with notes of orange colored fruits, toasted almonds and honeysuckle. 

It also gives out a slight hint of iodine sensations and sweet smelling woody spices. 

On the palate, this vintage Champagne has a creamy chewiness and oyster shell saline freshness. 

The expansive palate also offers exotic spice, caramel, butter, brioche flavors and a distinct roasted almond tasting note. There is also a slight hint of white truffle, pineapple and dried apple that lead to a smoky and zesty finish.

Now, Dom Perignon ages their wines in three stages: 

  • Plenitude 1 (or P1): Refers to the regular vintages aged for about seven years before release. 
  • Plenitude 2 (or P2): This vintage Champagne is cellared for 15 to 20 years before release. 
  • Plenitude 3 (or P3): Refers to Champagnes aged for up to 30 years in the Dom Perignon cellar before going out to the market.

The 2nd Plenitude and P3 Champagnes usually have richer flavor and aroma notes, more depth and complexity.

Dom Perignon P2 1998 Food Pairings


Pairing caviar with a bottle of Dom Perignon Plenitude 2 1998 is the best way to enjoy it since the caviar will complement the depth and maturity of the P2 1998. 

You can also pair Dom Perignon P2 1998 with smoked or mildly spicy dishes, complementing the wine’s exotic spice and toasted almonds hints. However, very spicy dishes might overpower the taste of the Second Plenitude Dom Perignon, so it’s best you avoid them with this sparkling wine.

Dom Perignon P2 1998 Wine Critics’ Reviews 


Wine critics have been impressed by the exceptional 1998 Dom Perignon P2:

  • Antonio Galloni gave this Champagne a remarkable score of 97 and was impressed by its maturity, good balance, and freshness. 
  • James Suckling gave it a score of 96. He recognized it as a full-bodied and flavorful Champagne with great freshness and a distinct ripe fruit tasting note. 
  • Stephen Tanzer scored this bottle of sparkling wine a 95, praising its complexity and clarity, elegant ripe fruit aromas and toasted brioche flavor.
  • John Gilman gave this Dom Perignon Champagne vintage a 94, and highlighted the wine’s aging potential, aromatic profile, and beautiful zesty finish.

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