How Long Does Dom Perignon Last? (Does it Expire & How to Store it)

by Hunter Robillard

How long does Dom Perignon last?

Your cherished (unopened) Dom Perignon bottle can last for 5 to 10 years or more - if stored properly! Once you uncork it, it could have a shelf life of around 3-5 days.

Now, there are a lot of factors to consider while storing it.

So, let’s look at how long an opened and unopened Dom Perignon can last, some tips on storing this luxurious vintage Champagne, and how to identify an expired Dom Perignon.

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The Renowned Dom Perignon Champagne


Dom Perignon Champagne is made by the Moet & ChandonChampagne house

The current Chef de Cave (cellar master or head winemaker), Vincent Chaperon, makes exclusive prestige cuvee wines - a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties from the Grand Cru vineyards in the Champagne region. 

Each bottle is aged for 10 to 30 years before it’s released for sale.

Here are some of the different Dom Perignon vintage wine styles:

Under the proper storage conditions, these prestigious wines can be stored for a decade or more.

How Long Does Unopened Dom Perignon Champagne Last?


An unopened bottle of Dom Perignon usually lasts between 5 to 10 years, whereas unopened non vintage Champagne typically lasts up to four years. 

If you store your Dom Perignon Champagne properly, it can develop more complex aromas and flavors with time.  

However, there’s no benefit in storing your Champagne for longer than 10 years. 

Since every Dom Perignon bottle has already been aged in the Moet & Chandon cellars, you can also enjoy it immediately.

How Long Does an Opened Dom Perignon Champagne Last?


Once you open your bottle of vintage Champagne, you can still enjoy it for up to five days.

However, to make any bottle of Champagne last longer, you need to store it correctly.

How Do You Store Vintage Dom Perignon Champagne? (Opened and Unopened Bottles)

Here’s how to ensure a longer shelf life for your Dom Perignon bottle:

1. How To Store Unopened Bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne


Here are some things to consider when storing an unopened Dom Perignon:

  • Temperature: To make sure your vintage Champagne ages slowly, you should keep it in a cool wine cabinet or cellar.

The ideal temperature for a vintage Dom Perignon Champagne is 45 - 65°F (7 - 18°C.)

In addition, you should avoid sudden temperature changes as this can speed up the aging process and damage the wine’s quality.

  • Darkness: Another way to prolong the shelf life of your Dom Perignon is to keep the bottle away from sunlight. This is especially important since Champagne is particularly sensitive to light.
  • Humidity: Keeping your Dom Perignon bottle stored in a facility at above 70% humidity will preserve the quality of the cork and slow down aging. 
  • Position of the bottle: When storing your Dom Perignon vintage Champagne, you should lay the vintage bottle on its side. This way, you can keep the cork moist.
  • Vibration: It’s also crucial to limit the amount of movement and vibration the bottle experiences since this can cause bottle shock (reduction of the wine’s flavor.)

2. How To Store An Opened Bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne


So, you’ve opened your beautiful Dom Perignon Champagne bottle, and now you have some leftover sparkling wine.

Unlike red wine or white wine, an opened bottle of Champagne can lose its taste (and fizz) relatively quickly. 

To save your Champagne and keep it fresh for the next few days, you should seal it with a Champagne sealer immediately and put it back in the fridge.

If there’s no space in the fridge, a cool, dark place will also suffice.

Keep the opened Champagne bottle upright to avoid any delicious sparkling wine from leaking out. Also, avoid putting your Champagne Dom Perignon in the freezer, as this can ruin its lively fizz.

How To Tell If Your Dom Perignon Champagne Has Expired


Although every Dom Perignon Rose or Brut Champagne does expire, it’s important for every Champagne lover to know that expired Champagne is still safe to drink.

The only difference is that the flavor and freshness of the vintage wine would have deteriorated and perhaps won’t taste as pleasant.

Here are a few signs your vintage Dom Perignon has expired:

  • An absence of fizz or bubbles
  • A vinegar-like smell or faded fruit aromas
  • A cloudy appearance
  • A sour or flat taste

So, if you’ve had a bottle of Dom Perignon sparkling wine sitting in your wine cabinet for a while now, it’s best to pour some into a Champagne flute and examine its smell and taste first.

If you can still taste vibrant notes of stone fruit and hints of toasted almond, go ahead and enjoy your sparkling wine!

Dom Perignon: A Good Champagne for Your Cellar!

The best way to keep your Dom Perignon Champagne fresh for longer is to store it under optimal conditions in your wine cellar or in a professional Champagne storage facility.

Yes - there are many things to consider when storing Champagne on your own, including the enormous costs and potential complications of building your own cellar.

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