La Marca Prosecco

La Marca Prosecco: 10 Best Bottles, Tasting Notes

by Hunter Robillard

La Marca Prosecco is a delicate, floral wine from the La Marca winery in Treviso in Italy. 

This luxurious Prosecco wine can brighten up your Sunday brunch or a celebratory dinner party. You can also enjoy it on the go with the brand’s super-handy pop mini wine bottles.

In this article, we’ll discover all about the Proseccos of La Marca - best bottles, tasting notes, and delicious food pairings. We’ll also explore the vineyards and winemaking of these refreshing Proseccos.

A Quick Overview of La Marca Prosecco

La Marca Prosecco

La Marca Prosecco is made from the thin-skinned Glera grape. It’s produced by the La Marca winery, named after the historical city of La Marca Trevigiana (March of Treviso.) 

La Marca is a cooperative of nine wineries from the Prosecco DOC region and a few from the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG region. In 2007, it became the only producer in the Prosecco region with a wine in the ‘Top 100 Wines of the Year’ list of Wine Spectator.

La Marca predominantly produces three styles of Proseccos:

  • La Marca Prosecco: This Prosecco varietal is La Marca’s basic sparkling wine. The bubbly has a golden straw color with beautiful floral and fruity notes.
  • La Marca Prosecco Rosa: La Marca Prosecco Rosa is a blend of 89% pure Prosecco and 11% Pinot Noir. The gorgeous coral pink wine has a dynamic palate of Prosecco-like floral notes and classic Pinot Noir flavors.
  • La Marca Luminore Prosecco Superiore: This is the most superior blend under the La Marca brand. The grapes for the Luminore label are sourced from the Conegliano Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. 

The intense apple, sweet citrus, and creamy peach notes result in a wine with a heavier mouthfeel than the other two styles.

The specifications for producing the Superior sparkling wine are:

  • The wine grapes must be grown in steeper vineyard regions.
  • They must come from low-yielding vines and have a concentrated flavor.
  • Wine blends should be made with a higher percentage of Glera grapes. 

Besides enjoying its spectacular varietal and blended styles, you can also craft exquisite bubbly cocktail drinks like the Mimosa with a La Marca Prosecco!

10 Fantastic La Marca Prosecco Bottles 

Here are 10 splendid La Marca Prosecco bottles to buy in 2023:

1. La Marca 'Luminore' Prosecco Superiore ($23)

La Marca 'Luminore' Prosecco Superiore

This refreshing, creamy Italian wine displays lively effervescence and exudes delicate aromas of white flowers and stone fruits. Its palate has crisp acidity with subtle hints of green apple and ripe lemon.

2. La Marca Prosecco ($16)

La Marca Prosecco

The Prosecco wine greets the nose with scents of white flowers and fresh citrus with mineral undertones. The bubbly has medium froth and presents fresh clean flavors of ripe citrus, juicy peach, and sour lemon when served.

3. La Marca San Nicola Extra-Dry ($10)

La Marca San Nicola Extra-Dry

The sparkling wine has a  delicate golden straw color and lively effervescence. It registers the subtle elegance of green apple and juicy peach with mineral undertones.

4. La Marca Prosecco Rose ($15)

La Marca Prosecco Rose

This sparkling coral wine was ranked the fourth-best wine of the Prosecco region in ‘ 100’ list.  It combines the traditionality of Proseccos with modern Pinot Noir flavors. The Rose, sparkling with lively bubbles, is packed with ripe citrus and hints of ripe fruit flavors.

5. La Marca Cuvee Dry ($21)

La Marca Cuvee Dry

This medium-bodied, delicate La Marca Prosecco graces the glass with lively bubbles. The lush, velvety label boasts ripe lemon, green apple, and fresh citrus aromas in a sweet fruit palate.    

6. La Marca Cuvee Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Superiore ($16)

La Marca Cuvee Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Superiore

This Superior Italian wine from the La Marca winery offers a harmonized nose of white flowers, apples, and sweet citrus. The fine, lively bubbles embrace a lovely palate of green apple, sour lemon, and juicy peach flavors. 

7. La Marca Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Superiore ($15)

La Marca Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Superiore

This bubbly has a delicate golden straw color and presents fruity aromas of pear and apple. The luxurious Prosecco wine is the perfect mix of mineral undertones, incredible flavors, good acidity, and soft freshness.

8. La Marca Extra Dry Prosecco di Treviso ($15)

La Marca Extra Dry Prosecco di Treviso

This medium froth, delicate La Marca Prosecco wine offers fresh clean flavors of juicy peach, grapefruit, and sweet citrus with a good sherbet finish. It also has the subtle floral aromas of a classic Prosecco, making it perfect for a bubbly cocktail.

9. La Marca Cuvee Brut Millesimato Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore ($12)

La Marca Cuvee Brut Millesimato Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore

This La Marca sparkling wine is well-structured with apple, grapefruit, and sour lemon flavors. The light-bodied wine has medium acidity with a smooth finish.

10. 2020 La Marca Extra Dry Millesimato ($8)

La Marca Cuvee Dry

The La Marca sparkling wine opens with intense aromas of apple, ripe lemon, white flower, and grapefruit. This vintage wine has a golden straw color, balanced acidity, and honey flavors. 

Best Food Pairings with La Marca Prosecco

La Marca Prosecco

You can pair the La Marca Prosecco with light appetizers, seafood, mild cheeses, tomato-rich dishes, salads, and fruit tarts.

The sparkling wine also works well as a stand-alone apéritif. Given the freshness and zippy acidity of the La Marca Prosecco wine, you can also mix up some exciting bubbly cocktail drinks with it.

La Marca Prosecco Vineyards And Winemaking

La Marca

The Glera grapes for La Marca Prosecco are sourced from the 9000-hectare vineyards in the Prosecco DOC region.

The different stages of the Prosecco winemaking are: 

  • The hand-harvested grapes are crushed and pressed in gentle membrane presses. 
  • Next, the extracted juice is cold-settled, followed by an initial fermentation in stainless steel tanks
  • The wine then undergoes a second fermentation in the tanks, which enhances its texture, aromatics, and acidity. This is known as the Charmat method - distinct from the traditional method in which the secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle.
  • Finally, the fermented Prosecco is filtered and bottled after adding the precise dosage (sugar solution) for sweetness. 

Besides Glera, the La Marca vineyards also produce Pinot Noir, Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Verduzzo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot grape varieties. 

Enjoy A Sparkling La Marca Prosecco!

La Marca Prosecco

Besides being a sparkling delight, these unique teal-labeled Prosecco bottles can be great party favors too.

You can also gift your loved ones personalized wine bottle labels of La Marca Prosecco to make their celebrations extra special. 

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