10 Fine Malbec Rose Wine Bottles to Buy in 2024 (Taste, Prices)

by Anthony Zhang

If you love the intense fruit flavors from a Malbec red wine, then you need to try the sensational, softer Malbec Rose wine as well!

Malbec Rose is a dry wine with red fruit aromas - perfect for beginners and rose wine enthusiasts. 

In this article, we will explore all about the Malbec Rose wine, its vinification, tasting notes, and the best wines to try in 2024.

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10 Exceptional Malbec Rose Wines to Try in 2024

Here are some of the finest Malbec rose wines:

1. 2019 Fabre Montmayou Phebus Malbec Rose, Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina ($11)


The 2019 Phebus vintage is a rich, elegant, and well-balanced Malbec wine with a hint of strawberry and raspberry. It offers crisp acidity and soft tannin textures with a dry and zesty finish on the palate.

2. 2015 Georges Vigouroux Pigmentum Malbec Rose, IGP du Lot, France ($24)


This 2015 Malbec Rose wine is a lively pink, dry wine. It offers a nose of citrus, strawberry, cherry, and white pepper and a crisp finish with good acidity and a balanced red berry flavor on the palate.

3. 2018 Wolffer Estate ‘Finca Wolffer’ Rose, Mendoza, Argentina ($26)


The 2018 vintage from the Wolffer Estate winery is a rare rose blend of Malbec, Pinot Noir, Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Torrontes, Semillon, Bonarda Piemontese, and Syrah grapes.

It is a delicate and dry wine with a rich and fruity aroma and a mouth-feel of fruit notes, smooth tannin textures, soft acidity, and an amazing elegant finish.

4. 2012 Dominio del Plata Crios de Susana Balbo Malbec Rose, Mendoza, Argentina ($17)


The 2012 Crios rose is a fresh, dry, and delicate wine with 14.5% alcohol content. It offers aromas of wild strawberries, gooseberries, watermelon, and spice notes with a balanced palate of red berry flavor in a clean finish.

5. 2016 Revolution Wine Company El Libre Ros, Mendoza, Argentina ($10)


The 2016 El Libre vintage is a rich and fruity rose blend of Torrontes, Chardonnay, and Malbec grape varieties.

It has spice notes with aromas of peach, strawberry, and wild herbs. The wine has a gentle acidity with a refreshing and balanced finish of cherry and other red fruit.

6. 2018 Domaine Bousquet Rose, Uco Valley - Tupungato, Argentina ($14)


This 2018 rose wine is a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Malbec grape varieties grown in a vineyard at an average elevation of 1200 meters.

It is a crisp and dry wine with an aroma of fresh red fruit like cherries and wild strawberries. It is light and pleasant with good acidity and a flavorful finish on the palate.

7. 2019 Dona Paula Los Cardos Malbec Rose, Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina ($11)


The 2019 vintage from the Dona Paula winery is a light-bodied Malbec Rose wine. It is a pale pink color with notes of berry and violet, with crisp acidity and an elegant finish on the palate.

8. 2018 Luigi Bosca Finca La Linda Malbec Rose, Vistalba, Argentina ($14)


This rich and fruity Malbec Rose wine is smooth and easy to drink. It offers a nose of red berry, violet, and floral notes and features lively acidity with a crisp finish of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry.

9. Gouguenheim Valle Escondido ‘Malbec-Bubbles’ Extra Brut Sparkling Malbec Rose, Uco Valley - Tupungato, Argentina ($12)


The Gouguenheim Sparkling Malbec Rose (similar to Champagne) is delicate with a hint of red fruit aroma. It offers a refreshing freshness and balanced acidity. The strawberry, cherry, and cream flavors are accompanied by an amazing elegant finish of small, brilliant bubbles.

10. Til The Last Sip Rose of Malbec, Paso Robles, California ($33.99)


This fine wine is a full-bodied (14.2% alcohol) rose and blush wine from the brand’s Paso Robles vineyard. It offers a nose of stone fruit, strawberry, and watermelon that complement the smooth and crisp finish.

How is Malbec Rose Wine Made?


Named after a grape variety native to Cohors, South West France, Malbec Rose is largely produced in Mendoza in Argentina.

It gets its pink color from the vinification process.

During maceration, aka when crushing the grapes, the purple color of the skin bleeds into the clear grape juice. This process is carried out until the juice achieves the desired color.

The skins are removed before fermentation begins, which happens at a max temperature of 12-14ºC (53.6-57.2°F) with selected yeast. During the fermentation and bottling processes, the wine lightens to its widely recognized primrose pink.

The wine’s freshness and crisp flavour make it a good pair for white meat dishes, fish and other seafood, fresh green salad, spicy food, and soft cheese. 

Ready to try a brilliant bottle of Malbec rose wine?

Does Malbec Rose Wine Age Well?


Malbec Rose wine is an affordable wine best enjoyed within two or three years from its vintage date.

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Enjoy a Malbec Rose While You Build a Wine Collection!

Malbec rose wine is the perfect accompaniment to any casual celebration. Its fruity flavour pairs well with many cuisines, especially ones with salads, seafood, and spicy food.

Pick up any of the bottles mentioned above to have a fantastic Rose experience.

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