Santenay AOC, Burgundy: 10 Best Wines, Prices (2024)

by Hunter Robillard

Santenay is the southernmost wine-producing village in Burgundy’s Côte de Beaune. 

While there are no Grand Cru vineyards in Santenay, there are 20 Premier Cru vineyards that produce floral and fruity wines perfect to accompany your brunches! Explore Santenay wine, including its characteristics, 10 must-try bottles in 2024, and their investment potential. We’ll also cover the region’s terroir and history.

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Santenay Wine: Style and Characteristics

The appellation produces two main types of Burgundy varietals: 

A. Santenay Red Wine


Around 85% of wines produced in Santenay are red made from the Pinot Noir grape. 

AOC regulations allow up to 15% of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris as accessory grapes in red wine production, but it’s hardly practiced. 

For village-level red wine, the grapes must reach a maturity of at least 10.5% of potential alcohol, and 11% for Premier Cru red wine.

A typical red Santenay is darker than those from the northern regions. It often exudes aromas of rose petals, red fruit, and licorice with discrete tannins that make for a supple, fine-textured wine. 

Enjoy your glass of Santenay Pinot Noir with braised veal, grilled salmon, or roast pork. 

B. Santenay White Wine


For white wine, AOC regulations allow for both Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc as additions, but almost all white wine is 100% Chardonnay

The grapes for village-level white wine must be allowed to reach a maturity of at least 11% and 11.5% for Premier Cru white wine. 

Santenay white wines are often similar to Puligny-Montrachet's, with tight flavors and clear minerality. They offer a bouquet of bracken and hazelnut.

A Santenay white will go exceptionally well with salmon, turkey, chicken, or Camembert cheese. 

The Best Santenay Wines to Buy in 2024

Here are ten of Santenay’s best wines: 

1. 2010 Maison Leroy La Comme ($423)


This Pinot Noir bursts with red fruit, flowers, and vanilla aromas. The palate has redcurrant flavors with firm tannins and a long finish.

2. 2019 Domaine Chanson Pere & Fils Santenay Beauregard Premier Cru ($51)


The red wine seamlessly has aromas and flavors of red fruit, minerality, and savory spices with a long, fresh finish.

3. 2012 Château de Santenay La Comme Blanc ($42)


Scents of lemon, almond, and mint dominate the nose, while flavors of green apple, stone fruit, and almonds characterize the palate.

4. 2014 Domaine Sylvain Morey Grand Clos Rousseau ($68)


Pronounced aromas of red fruit, mushroom, and forest floor permeate the nose of this red wine, while a dry palate with medium tannins completes the flavors of cherry, strawberry, and plum.

5. 2016 Remoissenet Pere & Fils Clos de Tavannes Blanc ($40)


A fresh nose of stone fruit and citrus lead to a minerally palate, complemented by a subtle oak flavor.

6. 2016 Maison Harbour Les Gravières ($106)


Aromas of fresh lemon, green apple, and cinnamon define the nose of this white wine. A delicious lemon and grapefruit flavor on the palate complements the subtle spice on the finish.

7. 2013 Château de la Crée Gravieres Blanc ($63)


A rich nose of ripe apples compliments a rich palate of citrus and apple flavors, crisp acidity, and a remarkable finish.

8. 2016 Jean-Marc Vincent Santenay Gravite ($95)


An aromatic nose of smoke, berry and fresh cherry lead to a full palate with outstanding depth and structure.

9. 2013 David Moreau Clos des Mouches ($55)


A nose of raspberry, roses, and subtle oak give way to a palate of red fruit, spice with medium tannins.

10. 2019 Caroline Morey La Comme ($60)


This red wine has a complex nose of pepper and earth spice with raspberry aromas. The round palate delivers lively raspberry and crushed strawberry flavors.

Should You Invest in Santenay Wines? 


Although the wines don't offer the longest aging potential, the reds need around five years in the cellar to bring out those earthy flavors. 

There are some rare wines that show good price appreciations. 

For example, Domaine Leroy's La Comme 2012 vintage recorded a price of $189 in January 2021. Within a year, its price increased by 76%, rising to $333 in 2022. 

Maison Harbour’s 2018 Les Gravieres doubled its price between 2021 to 2022, jumping 98% from $60 to $119. 

However, not every Santenay wine shows commendable price appreciation, so taking the help of an experienced wine expert may help in deciding which wines to invest in. 

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Let’s look at the region’s wine growing conditions and a bit of its history as well.

Santenay: Terroir and Viticulture


Located at the southern point of the limestone ridge in Côte d’Or, Santenay shares its soils and houses some of Burgundy’s best vineyard sites. 

Santenay has a continental climate, with warm, dry summers and cool, long winters. Santenay’s vines are exposed on three sides, making them more susceptible to the westerly winds than many other Côte de Beaune communes. 

Most of Santenay’s Premier Cru vineyards sit in the northernmost corners, bordering Chassagne Montrachet. There are also a few Santenay vineyards lie in the village of Remigny. Although the two towns are close, the wines have distinctive styles. 

Since Remigny is located just beneath the limestone slopes, its wines tend to be made in the fashion of northern Côte Chalonnaise. Although Santenay soils have a good portion of oolitic limestone and marl - something it shares with the Côte Chalonnaise, the wines tend to be more rustic than refined. 

In 2008, the area had a total production of 1.9 million bottles, of which 1.5 million were red, and just over 300,000 were white. 

A Brief History of Santenay


Santenay was first recognized as an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée in 1936. 

It was initially designated as a Village appellation. It wasn’t until 1970 that the Santenay appellation was granted Premier Cru status. 

However, the Santenay appellation wasn’t particularly popular in the ‘70s, only really making a name for itself more recently. 

The latest financial recession and the shift towards better-valued Burgundies like Santenay have garnered the village more attention. 

Santenay Wines: Delicious Burgundies Without Breaking the Bank!

Santenay produces some delectable red and white wines at accessible prices and will be a perfect addition to your lunch or dinner. 

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