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What are the main differences between my trading and managed accounts?

What is the minimum amount I need to invest in my trading account?

Is there a lock-up period for any wines added to my trading portfolio?

Can I buy single bottles on the marketplace or do I have to purchase the wine in cases like in my managed portfolio?

Do I need to have a managed portfolio to open a trading account?

What are the Vinovest Collections?

I want to buy wines from a collection! How do I do this?

What happens if a collection is sold out?

Can I use funds from my managed account to buy wines on the marketplace?

Can I transfer funds from my managed account to my trading account?

Does the value of my trading account contribute to my investing tier level (Starter, Plus, Premium, Grand Cru)?

Can I move wines between my managed and trading portfolios?

What are the fees?

Will I get billed separately for my managed and trading portfolio?

What is the Vinovest Marketplace?

What are the differences between collection releases and the Vinovest Marketplace?

How do I invest in wine on the Vinovest Marketplace?

What is a buy order?

What is the highest bid?

What is a sell order?

What is the lowest ask?

What is the last trade price?

How will I know if my order is filled?

What happens when I place a buy order?

What happens when I place a sell order?

What is the time limit for my buy order?