Moet Ice Imperial: Tasting Notes, Price, How to Serve

by Hunter Robillard

Did you know that Moet Ice is the world’s first-ever Champagne created to be served with ice? 

Crafted by the luxurious Moet and Chandon Champagne house, the Ice Imperial offers a unique and fun experience - a perfect choice for celebrating spontaneous moments. 

It remains true to the traditional Moet and Chandon style, distinguished by its bright fruitiness, seductive palate, and elegant maturity. In this article, you’ll discover the Moet Ice Imperial in detail - the wine styles along with their characteristics and tasting notes. You’ll also find out the best way to serve the Chandon Ice Imperial.

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Moet Ice Imperial Wine: Styles, Tasting Notes

The non vintage Moet Ice Imperial wine is produced in two main styles - Ice Imperial and Ice Imperial Rose: 

1. Moet Ice Imperial 


The Ice Impérial is a non vintage demi-sec Champagne - an assemblage of specially selected reserve wines. 

The Imperial Moet Ice wine is crafted with the three classic Champagne grape varietals: 

  • Pinot Noir: Pinot Noir makes 40-50% of the wine and gives it an intense fruitiness and structure. 
  • Pinot Meunier: Making up 30-40% of Chandon Ice, the Pinot Meunier grapes offer fullness to the wine and a melting sensation on your mid-palate. 
  • Chardonnay: Moet Ice is enhanced with 10-20% of Chardonnay grapes to impart a refreshing finish. 

The Ice Imperial has a deep gold color with amber highlights that adds a hint of glamour to this fine Champagne. 

It has the powerful aromas of tropical fruits (mango, guava), stone fruits,  peppermint, and sweet spices (licorice). The Imperial wine also has a natural note of raspberry. 

On the palate, this Imperial wine resembles a hearty bowl of fresh fruit salad with hints of the sweetness of caramel and quince jelly. 

A bottle of Chandon Ice Imperial costs around $60. 

2. Moet Ice Imperial Rose 


If you’re a Moet and Chandon loyalist, the Moët Ice Imperial Rose would be a perfect choice!

The non vintage Moet Rose Imperial Champagne is another Ice Imperial crafted to be served on ice.

Here’s the assemblage of the Ice Impérial Rose: 

  • Pinot Noir (45-55%): Offers a vivid fruit intensity while making the Chandon Ice Champagne more angular
  • Pinot Meunier (35-45%): Makes the wine more fleshy and round
  • Chardonnay (5-10%): Offers acidity and freshness to this Ice Champagne

This assemblage is rounded out by 20-30% of reserve wines to add the intensity and consistency that Claude Moet, the house’s founder, always strived to achieve in his wines.  

This Chandon wine has a gleaming pink hue with golden highlights. It also offers a seductive and vibrant fruity bouquet to keep up everyone’s summertime spirits.

The Ice Imperial Champagne is dominated by the scents of red fruits and a delicious hint of grenadine. 

This Ice Champagne feels both sweet and firm on the palate as it strikes a perfect balance between icy freshness and fruitiness. It finishes with a subtle taste of pink grapefruit.

If you wish to gift this wine to someone, a sparkling bottle of Chandon Ice Rose costs around $65. 

Now that you know what the Ice Impérial wines have in store for you, let’s find out the correct way to serve and enjoy this Champagne. 

How To Serve Moet Ice Imperial Wine


Here’s how to serve the Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne: 

  • Chill the bottle to 45°F/7°C. 
  • Place the Chandon Ice Imperial in a Champagne bucket filled with ice cubes and water. 
  • Since this wine is all about powerful aromas, you need a large, wide-brimmed glass or a wine goblet to enjoy it to the fullest. 
  • Open the Champagne and pour 6 oz/12cl of Moet Ice Imperial into the glass. 
  • Finish by adding three large ice cubes. 

The Chandon Ice Imperial wine pairs perfectly with langoustine and coriander tartare, pork dishes, salmon, and mild cheese. You can also relish it with a bowl of fresh fruit salad. 

Raise Your Next Toast With Moet Ice!

Whether you just want to sip a glass of wine to wind down your day or celebrate your success with friends and family, you can’t go wrong with a refreshing glass of Moët Ice Imperial. 


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