Wine Rack: Best Types, How to Organize (2021)

Anthony Zhang

Looking for the perfect wine rack to display your wine collection?

Whether you’re a serious wine collector or just a wine enthusiast - you deserve to show off your brilliant collection.

From antique metal wine jails to beautiful wood tabletop racks that save counter space, there’s a stunning range of options you can choose from! You can even get a wine glass rack to showcase your beautiful wine glass collection on your wine bar.

So, which are the best types of racks to look for? How do you organize your wine rack? And, where should you place your wine rack ideally?

This article will answer all your questions - from the different types of wine racks and how to organize them, to the best place for installing them.

There’s a bonus - we’ll also tell you the most hassle-free option for long-term wine storage!

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This Article Contains

  1. Metal Wine Racks or Wine Jails
  2. Tabletop Wine Racks
  3. Hanging Wine Racks
  4. Fridge Wine Racks
  5. DIY Wine Racks

Display Your Wine Collection With The Perfect Wine Rack

What Is A Wine Rack?

wine rack

A wine rack is a stylish, practical set of shelves that helps organize and display your wine collection for the short term.

A wine rack isn’t only a useful bar accessory, but it also protects your wine from strong vibrations and keeps them oriented at the perfect angle.

Besides, you can place a wine shelf anywhere - in the kitchen, pantry, on the countertop, or inside a specialized home cellar.

So, if you’re looking for an ideal wine gift for an oenophile - you cannot go wrong with a wine rack. And, you’ll find plenty of options like beautiful metal or wood wine racks in online stores like Amazon.

But, how’s it different from a wine cabinet or a wine cooler?

The main difference is that a wine rack is meant only for displaying your favorite bottles and will not have a climate control system like a cabinet or a cooler.

Also, it’s important to note that although wine racks are great for storing wines for short periods, they aren’t the best option for storing an exotic wine collection that is meant to age in the bottle.

Now, wine racks come in a range of styles and designs catering to the needs of every wine enthusiast. But first, let’s dive in and discover the various types of wine racks you can choose from before you swipe your credit card!

Top 5 Types Of Wine Racks

Here are the most popular types of wine racks:

1. Metal Wine Racks or Wine Jails

Metal Wine Racks

A wine jail is a freestanding metal wine rack that keeps your wine bottle collection inclined horizontally.

A metal wine jail is a perfect display option especially for decorative, antique-looking wine bottles. A metal wine rack (made of stainless steel, for example) is sure to add an elegant ancient cellar charm to your home while keeping your huge collection organized.

Here are a few more reasons to buy them:

  • A sturdy metal wine jail will keep your wines steady and protect them from vibrations.
  • These display shelves are perfect for home bars and cellars.

You can arrange a number of durable metal wine jails in rows in your home cellar.

Stainless steel wine jails come in various sizes - from a 40+ bottle wine rack to those with a 140-150 bottle capacity. Make sure you choose one depending on your wine collection.

2. Tabletop Wine Rack

Tabletop Wine Rack

Tired of bottles scattered around your kitchen countertop and dining table?

A simple but stylish countertop wine rack is the perfect solution. Here’s why:

  • The compact build of tabletop wine racks makes it easy to place them on any kitchen countertop or tabletop. So, your Barbera d’Asti and other favorite bottles won’t be fighting for space with cutlery in your pantry!
  • You’ll also find a range of high-quality designer wine racks in the market (like Mango Steam and Sorbus) that use powder coating to improve durability.
  • They are also perfect for storing larger bottles.

A wooden wine rack (made of espresso wood, teak, or mahogany) will also add elegance to a regular countertop.

3. Hanging Wine Racks

Hanging Wine Racks

A hanging wine rack is perfect for displaying a small wine collection and even creating a wine wall - one of our favorite wine rack ideas!

A hanging shelf can also act as a glass holder to display your stemware collection. So, you can enjoy an uncluttered countertop without having to buy any countertop wine glass rack pieces.

Also, hanging wine bottle holders do not take up any square footage - perfect for small spaces. An elegant hanging solid wood rack is also perfect home decor furniture for your living room.

4. Fridge Wine Racks

Fridge Wine Rack

Want a wine holder to chill your wines before your guests show up?

If you’re someone who enjoys drinking wine every once in a while, then a fridge wine rack can help you cool it before enjoying it.

Fridge wine storage racks are usually of two types:

  • Stackable racks: This rack holds one or two wine bottles each and can be stacked on top of each other.

Bottle hangers: These wine racks can be attached to the underside of fridge shelves. It’s a nifty space-saving storage rack idea for your wine bottle collection.

5. DIY Wine Rack

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

Did you know you can design your wine cabinet with wine rack kits?

DIY wine rack kits (like VintageView) come with different wine rack parts that you can assemble as per your needs and specifications.

These DIY wine rack kits help you create a customized wine storage perfect for your collection.

If you’re looking for affordable storage shelves for home decor, you can go for reclaimed wood racks as well.

Let’s look at ways to best organize your wine rack.

5 Cool Ways To Organize A Wine Rack

Here are some simple ideas that you can use to sort out and display your fantastic wine collection.

1. Wine Style


If you’re just starting your wine collection or still figuring out how to grow it, you can organize your wood wine rack according to the wine style.

  • Red, White, Rose, and Sparkling wines
  • Full-Bodied, Medium-Bodied, and Light-Bodied wines
  • Dry or Sweet
  • Blends or Varietals

2. Grape Variety

Pinot Grigio

Another method of sorting wines on your wine storage racks is by the grape varieties.

This works best if you own a few favorite varietals. You can dedicate a row to a single grape variety, and so on.

3. Wine Region

Wine Region

You can also divide your wines based on their region. So, your fine Burgundy wines could sit together on the wine rack, and so on.

4. Wine Age

Wine Age

Another brilliant method of arranging your elegant wooden wine rack is by the wine’s age.

You could move the wines that are at its peak from your climate-controlled cellar to these display racks. And, then you can sort the wines according to which one you should drink first.

You can also get a cellar tracking app to monitor your wines, so you don’t have to maintain a tedious physical record.

5. Customize Your Plan

Wine Rack

There are numerous methods to organize a wine rack, but only you can decide what suits you best. You could simply display your favorite wine at the top of the shelf, and the others below.

You could arrange them by bottle size, color, or anything else you can think of!

Things To Keep In Mind While Storing Wine

Wine Storage Tips

While wine racks make storing wines easy, it is not as simple as it seems. One wrong step, and you can ruin your delicious wines.

If your wine racks are only for displaying your wines, keep them in a spot where the light and vibrations are ideal for storing wine.

  • Light: Remember that intense light breaks down the wine’s phenolic compounds much faster. As a result, the wine ages artificially and will lose its aromas and flavors.

So, keep your wine racks away from sunlight in a cool room or inside a custom-built wine cabinet to prevent artificial aging.

  • Vibration: Vibrations and sudden movements shake the sediments in the wine. It leads to a sweet, less aromatic, and less acidic beverage.

So keep your wine storage rack in a place with minimum disturbances or footfall.

If you’re using a wall mounted wine rack, install it on a wall without doors and windows to minimize the vibrations.

  • Orientation: The bottles of wine should be placed horizontally or tilted downwards to keep the cork moist. It prevents the cork from drying out and oxidizing the wine.

If you’re keeping your wine racks inside a cellar or a cooling cabinet, then it will also take care of ideal temperature and humidity conditions as well.

Read on.

What Is The Best Place To Install A Wine Rack?

Now that you know the perfect storage conditions for your wine, let’s look at some of the best places to install your beautiful wood wine rack.

1. Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

You cannot go wrong with stacking up your vinos in wine racks inside a big wine cellar.

A wine cellar is a customized room that maintains the perfect temperature, humidity, and light for your wines. It also keeps your wine away from strong vibrations, so you won’t have to worry about ruining its taste.

We understand that not everybody can have a wine cellar at their home. So, what’s the next best place?

2. A Wine Cabinet

Wine Cabinet

A wine cabinet in your basement will keep the wines away from intense light while maintaining their temperature. You can arrange wine racks inside the wine cabinet if there aren’t any built-in racks already.

To prevent excessive vibrations, avoid a wall-mounted cabinet. Also, place the wine cabinet in the least visited area of your house.

If you’re an apartment dweller - you can also install the wine cabinet in your pantry.

3. On Countertops


You could display your small wine collection in your open kitchen or a home bar. Only make sure that you keep the rack away from the stove, windows, and heat appliances.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Storing Bottles In A Wine Rack?

Although wine racks add beauty and elegance to your dining room and keep your favorite bottles organized, they may not be the best choice if you’re thinking about storing your investment wines for years.

Unless you have a custom-built wine cellar at your home, your wines will be exposed to varying temperatures, light and vibrations that will prevent them from gaining their best expression.

That’s why the storage space where you place the wine rack is more important than the rack itself!

Now, here’s a much easier option if you want to store wines for the long term.

You can easily buy and store collectible wines through a trusted wine investment company like Vinovest.

Buy And Store Authentic Collectible Wines Through Vinovest


Vinovest is an online wine investment platform that helps you buy and store the most sought-after collectible wines worldwide.

Besides buying and storage, Vinovest can also help you sell your fine wines at the right time to the right buyer.

How Does It Work?

You can start your investment journey with Vinovest with four easy steps.

  • Sign up on the Vinovest website.
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Here are some advantages you get while investing through Vinovest.

1. AI-Driven Platform

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2. Best Prices

Vinovest sources your wines directly from wineries, global wine exchanges, and wine auctions, ensuring you get your bottle of wine at the best price.

3. Provenance And Authenticity

Vinovest’s wine experts ensure the authenticity of every bottle you buy through them. Be it Chateau Lafite or Pomerol - you’ll never have to worry about a counterfeit bottle ever again.

4. Optimal Storage

Vinovest stores your fine wines in bonded warehouses that are strategically located near all major wine regions of the world - including the UK, France, and Switzerland. This ensures that your wine is exposed to minimum vibrations during transportation.

The warehouses maintain optimal temperature, humidity, light, and vibration levels to ensure that your wine gains its best expression.

What’s more?

Vinovest’s world-class storage facilities charge 80% less than any other third-party storage facility. So you’ll spend only a fraction of the amount compared to building and maintaining your own wine cellar!

5. Insurance And Security

Every bottle you buy through Vinovest comes with a comprehensive insurance policy that covers breakage, loss, and theft.

The warehouses have a 100% secured security system with 24/7 surveillance and an additional power backup facility in case of power cuts.

6. Expert Advice

A team of Master Sommeliers and expert data scientists help you create a portfolio to help you get maximum returns. So, sit back and relax with a glass of Pouilly-Fuisse as your wine investment portfolio yields appreciative returns.

6. Easy Delivery

Want to pop your bottle for your anniversary? Or found the right buyer?

Vinovest will get your bottle delivered hassle-free to you or your buyer.

8. Ownership

You have complete ownership of every bottle of wine you buy through Vinovest.

Your Wine Collection Deserves the Perfect Storage Solution!

A perfect wine rack serves as stylish shelving that helps you display your favorite wines and your wine glass collection.

From minimalist countertop wine racks to modular wine racks for your dining room - there are endless bottle storage options for every wine enthusiast or wine lover.

But if you plan to store your fine wine collection long-term, racks may not be a perfect wine storage idea.

Get in touch with Vinovest to buy and store your fine wines in the most hassle-free manner for years! Sign up on the website now and get started today.

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