The Luscious Korbel Sweet Rose Wine (Characteristics, Price, Food Pairings)

by Anthony Zhang

The vibrant Korbel Sweet Rose wine from Korbel Champagne Cellars, California is made using a complex selection of the finest white and red grapes. This wine boasts a medium-dry palate and fruit-forward aromas. 

Interestingly, the wine received 90 points and a gold certification at the San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge in May 2020!  Let’s explore the effervescent Korbel Sweet Rose in detail - its taste and characteristics, price, food pairings, and how the wine is made.

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Korbel Sweet Rose: Taste And Characteristics


The bubbly Korbel Sweet Rose blend is made using Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Gamay, Sangiovese, and Chenin Blanc grapes. 

This blush pink sweet sparkling wine has fresh fruit aromas of raspberry and a medium-dry palate of strawberry, cherry, and melon flavors. 

So, how much does this product cost? 

How Much Is A Bottle Of Korbel Sweet Rose?


The delicious Korbel Sweet Rosé costs around $13 in 2022. It’s quite an affordable product, and this sweet sparkling wine is best drunk young. 


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Food Pairings With The Korbel Sweet Rose Wine


Serve your Korbel Sweet Rose wine with fresh fruit or chocolate-covered berries. 

The wine’s bright fruit flavors and vibrant aromas also match barbeque chicken, turkey, or grilled prawn appetizers with mango salsa or ripe cheeses. 

You can also use this delicious wine for your prepared cocktails. 

Now, let’s check out how the Korbel Sweet Rose blend is made.

Korbel Sweet Rose: Winemaking Techniques


The proprietary red Korbel Sweet Rosé wine is made using methode champenoise, which involves a two-step fermentation. Here’s what happens during the process:

  • The most delicate white and red grapes are harvested early in the ripening process. These grapes are then pressed to release juice.
  • The grape juice is transferred to large oak barrels or stainless steel tanks for fermentation. 
  • From there, the base wine is mixed with sugar and yeast, and the mixture undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle.
  • Finally, the dead yeast cells (lees) are removed, and the wine is sweetened with a mixture of sugar and reserve wine. 

Enjoy A Delicious, Vibrant Korbel Sweet Rose Wine

The Korbel Sweet Rose wine’s bright fruit flavors make it a perfect drink for all your celebratory dinners and parties. This proprietary blend wine pairs well with a wide range of food, including grilled prawn and ripe cheeses.

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