The Rare & Revered Dalmore 62 Scotch: Flavors, Investment Potential

by Anthony Zhang

The Dalmore 62 is a rare and highly sought-after single malt scotch whisky produced by the historic Dalmore Distillery at Inverness, Scotland.

This premium scotch is a blend of spirits from casks dating back as far as 1868. The youngest whiskey in the blend matured for 62 years in rare oak and sherry cask barrels, making it one of the world's oldest and most expensive whisky

Wondering what makes the Dalmore 62 specialand what it tastes like?

We’ll explore the different facets of this iconic scotch whisky and the historic distillery it originates from. 

We’ll also introduce you to a convenient way to invest in rare and high-end whisky casks (through Vinovest!)

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What Makes the Dalmore 62-Years-Old Scotch Special?


The Dalmore 62 is a special edition whiskey with only 12 bottles created by the Dalmore Master Distiller Richard Paterson. The bottles were released and named individually between 2002 and 2011.

Some of the most popular Dalmore 62 bottles include:

  • The Kildermorie 
  • The 12 Pointer 
  • The Matheson
  • The Barnard Sherry Cask
  • The Mackenzie
  • The Cromarty

Here’s what makes the Dalmore 62 special:

  • The Dalmore 62-years-old scotch is blended from single malt casks laid down in 1868, 1878, 1922, 1926, and 1939. 
  • The scotch was bottled in hand-blown crystal decanters bearing the iconic 12-pointed platinum stag head logo. The wooden mold used for crafting crystal decanter took over 100 hours to handmake. 
  • The whiskey bottle comes with a presentation case and a certificate of authenticity. 
  • Each of the 12 Dalmore 62 bottles is named, numbered, and signed (by Master Distiller Richard Paterson) individually — reflecting a specific aspect of the Dalmore Estate.

For instance, ‘Matheson’ is named after the founder of the Dalmore Estate - Alexander Matheson, and ‘Mackenzie’ after the distillery owners Charles and Andrew Mackenzie. Similarly, ‘Cromarty’’ is named after Cromarty Firth — a water body near which the Dalmore Distillery is located.

Often dubbed "pure liquid gold" by whiskey connoisseurs, the Dalmore 62 offers an unforgettable aroma and flavor experience.

Taste and Characteristics of The Dalmore 62


Right off the glass, the mahogany-hued Dalmore 62 scotch is a visual treat.

Take a whiff, and you’ll be transported by the heavenly aroma of Seville orange, coconut, vanilla, and spices.

The single malt whiskey has a smooth and well-rounded palate offering tropical fruits, berries, and vanilla notes. There’s a long and delicious aftertaste with hints of dark chocolate, oak, and truffle. 

This delicate balance between light citrus and heady oak notes makes it suitable as an aperitif and digestif. The scotch whisky has an ABV of 40.5%.

What should you pair Dalmore 62 with?

The scotch goes well with desserts, fruits, and cigars.

With incredible flavor, limited supply, and a rich history behind it, this rare whisky is unsurprisingly a favorite among whiskey collectors, investors, and connoisseurs alike.

Dalmore 62 at Auctions

Time and again, the Dalmore 62 bottles have grabbed headlines for fetching unprecedented prices at auction events. 

This places them in the same league as some of the world’s most exclusive and expensive whiskey bottles, alongside names like:

  • The Dalmore 64 Trinitas, Dalmore L'Anima, and the Principal Collection bottles
  • The Emerald Isle Collection
  • Isabellas Islay
  • The Macallan M (sold for $628,205 at a Hong Kong auction)
  • The Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique Cire Perdue (the rare bottle was sold for a record-breaking $460,000 at Sotheby’s New York in 2010)
  • The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection and limited release bottles  — Macallan Peter Blake, Macallan Valerio Adami, Macallan 1926, and more.
  • The Glenfiddich Rare Collection

The rarity of Dalmore 62 bottles has an effect on auction results. For example:

  • In a 2020 auction at Sotheby’s, two bottles of Dalmore 62 were sold for a whopping $335,000.
  • In a 2017 auction at Christie’s, a single bottle of  Dalmore 62 ‘Kildermorie’ fetched around $134,919  - nearly double the pre-sale estimates.
  • The last released bottle of Dalmore 62 was sold for a staggering $194,000 (£125,000) at Singapore’s Changi Airport in 2011. 

At the time, this final bottle of Dalmore 62 was the most expensive bottle of whiskey to be ever sold in retail, breaking the previous record of £120,000 (roughly $1,47,885) for a bottle.

A Quick Look at The Dalmore Highland Distillery


The Dalmore Estate was founded in 1839 by Sir Alexander Matheson.

The distillery produced a typical single highland malt scotch whisky until the 1860s when the Mackenzie brothers (Charles and Andrew Mackenzie) took over the ownership.

Under the Mackenzies, the Highland distillery began incorporating multi cask maturation techniques to produce a unique style of whisky.

Did you know? 

Legend has it that in 1263, Colin of Kintail, Chief of the Clan Mackenzie, rescued King Alexander III from a charging stag. 

As a gesture of gratitude, the king granted the Mackenzie Clan the right to carry the 12-pointed Royal Stag emblem on their coat of arms. The Mackenzies gifted this iconic 12-pointed Royal Stag emblem to the Dalmore brand.

During the 1960s, the distillery was merged with Glasgow-based blending company Whyte and Mackay. The company eventually acquired the Dalmore Distillery in 1990 and continued producing whisky under the brand name.

In 2007, Whyte and Mackay was acquired by United Spirits Limited, getting the distribution rights to Dalmore Whiskies.


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