Le Pin: Vineyard, Best Wines, Prices (2024)

by Anthony Zhang

What makes Chateau Le Pin one of the most expensive wines in the world? Which of their bottles should you buy in 2024?

Surprisingly, the Le Pin wines are officially unclassified, but their rarity and winemaking excellence make them one of the most sought-after luxury wine collectibles. 

What’s the secret behind the wines from this Bordeaux Chateau? 

Let’s explore the Chateau’s history, winemaking, and The Best Le Pin Wines You Can Buy In 2024. We’ll also reveal How You Can Easily Invest in these extremely rare and highly-valued bottles.

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A Quick Look at Chateau Le Pin


Chateau Le Pin is a small winery situated on France's Gironde estuary in the heart of the appellation Pomerol in Bordeaux. Le Pin is famous for its 100% Merlot wines. 

The name of the wine estate Le Pin (meaning “pine tree” in French) is inspired by the solitary pine tree growing near the property.

Most of its vines are planted near the Catusseau village of France.

Even though the winery is young and tiny (2.7 hectares of vineyards), with a minuscule production relative to other Bordeaux estates, it has gained international recognition as one of the finest in Bordeaux.

Next, let’s find out how Le Pin achieved such tremendous success!

A Brief History of Le Pin


The Le Pin lands were a property of Madame Laubie from 1924 to 1978. During this time, the grapes grown on the estate’s territory were either sold to negociants or used to make blended wine.

In 1978, Domaine Le Pin was sold to the Belgian negociant Jacques Thienpont - of the Thienpont family that makes celebrated wines like Vieux Château Certan and Pavie Macquin. 

When Thienpont acquired the property, he found it in poor condition. The estate’s cellar was small and underequipped, but it was enough to support the small wine production at Thienpont’s new winery.

The neighbouring Vieux Chateau Certan estate was also owned by the Thienpont family, who thought about merging the two properties. However, they decided to keep the Le Pin winery separate and released their first vintage in 1979.

The debut vintage of Le Pin was released in 1982. The famous wine critic Robert Parker fell in love with Le Pin. His perfect 100-point score catapulted the wine to fame and significantly increased prices. 

Le Pin became the first unclassified Bordeaux wine to be sold at the same price as the more superior First Growth wines like the classic Chateau Petrus.

In the 1980s and the 2000s, the Thienpont family added more lands to the winery. Interestingly, there is no Chateau on the property, which is quite unusual for Bordeaux wine estates. In 2012, the humble Le Pin winery was renovated and modernized.

Currently, Alexandre Thienpont manages the estate while Jaques is in charge of the winemaking process.

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But what is so special about the Le Pin vineyard holdings?

The Le Pin Vineyard and Terroir


The Le Pin estate is located in the central parts of the Pomerol plateau. 

The vineyard has gravel topsoil with ancient pebbles (a rare composition not seen in many other Bordeaux appellation vineyards), clay and limestone deposits. The lands face south and get good sun exposure, resulting in the early ripening of the Merlot grapes.

All vineyard parcels are planted with the Merlot grape variety, and a few Cabernet Franc vines (which is not used in the Le Pin blend.) On average, the vines are around 38 years of age, but some older vines are over 70 years.

The vine density is 6,000 plantings per hectare, while the yields are comparatively low - around 30-35 hectoliters per hectare.

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Winemaking at Chateau Le Pin


Jacques Thienpont releases only the best wine blends under the iconic Le Pin label. Sometimes different lots or entire vintages are declassified if they’re of lower quality. This happened in 2003 when no Le Pin wines were produced. 

In good vintages, the winemaking process is the following:

  • Vinification: Le Pin was the first Bordeaux wine estate to conduct malolactic fermentation in barrels. Initially, they started this as an experiment because they didn’t have enough tanks for fermentation. 

Today, this is a common practice for achieving unique softness and round character - a crucial factor for en primeur wine tastings.

  • Aging: The wine ages for 14-18 months in a 100% new oak barrel. The wines from the barrels are blended right before bottling.

Le Pin produces a very small number of wine cases - only around 600-700 annually! This makes their wines very hard to find and drives up the prices for each vintage.

The winery does not have a second wine, but it produces a small amount of Trilogie (a multi-vintage wine made with declassified lots.)

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Next, let’s take a look at the best Le Pin bottles you can get your hands on in 2024. 

10 Precious Le Pin Vintages to Buy in 2024

We’ve picked the most impressive Le Pin vintages ever released.

1. Le Pin 1982 


This vintage put Le Pin on the French wine map, and is truly a remarkable one! On the palate, it has vivid plum and velvety black fruit flavors. The initial aromas of chocolate and oak transition into mild smokey notes and a long-lasting finish.

Price of Le Pin 1982: $12,549

2. Le Pin 1983


That’s another high-quality vintage of Le Pin that stands out with elegant truffle notes and comparatively low acidity. This wine charms with distinct red fruit and creme de cassis flavors accompanied by tobacco and leather hints.

Price of Le Pin 1983: $4,012

3. Le Pin 1990


The alluring nose of raspberry compote combines perfectly with the superb oak hints and silky texture. This Le Pin Merlot is an exquisite swirl of fruit, mocha, cherry liqueur, and tar flavors.

Price of Le Pin 1990: $4,899

4. Le Pin 1998 


Here we have another full-bodied Le Pin with a decadent nose, supple tannins, and mild acidity. The wine impresses with a unique expression of the winery’s magical terroir and delightful black cherry tasting notes. On the palate, it has a slight oaky aftertaste.

Price of Le Pin 1998: $4,024

5. Le Pin 1979


Opulent fruit notes promise to take over your senses with each sip of this very first Le Pin vintage! This rare Pomerol wine has an elegantly perfumed nose and a seductive, silky texture with smoky aromas.

Price of Le Pin 1979: $4,319

6. Le Pin 2000 


This beautiful vintage wine has finesse, ripe plum fruit flavors, and elegant blackcurrant notes. It has rounded tannins and delicate vanilla and chocolate scents.Price of Le Pin 2000: $5,416

7. Le Pin 2005


This wine has velvety tannins and an elegant freshness to it. The pure red fruit tasting notes are accompanied by a floral nose and a subtle leather finish. This wine can age for a few more years before reaching maturity.

Price of Le Pin 2005: $4,104

8. Le Pin 2009


This young vintage received a 100-point score from Robert Parker. It’s vibrant cherry fruit, chocolate, and coffee tasting notes are complemented by a delicate smoke and mushroom aroma. You can pair this Le Pin with a juicy beef steak, roasted lamb, or game meats.

Price of Le Pin 2009: $4,818

9. Le Pin 2015 


Bold and dry, this Le Pin has extraordinary ripeness and chewy tannins. On the palate, it has balanced plum and black fruit flavors, followed by complex aromas of creme de cassis, rose petals, and stone.

Price of Le Pin 2015: $4,543

10. Le Pin 2018 


This Le Pin has a seductive purple-black color and a bold character. It has a rich bouquet of aromas - truffle, wood, and herbs, accompanied by delicious black cherry fruit and chocolate tasting notes.

Price of Le Pin 2018: $4,387

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Investing in Le Pin Wines


Le Pin offers some of the best investment-grade wines you can add to your wine collection. 

Besides its impeccable winemaking, the wine’s scarcity, increasing demand, and aging potential add to the allure of Le Pin! You can enjoy the newest vintages in 10-15 years, while some of the best ones can easily mature for up to 35 years in your cellar.

Le Pin also has seen some stellar price increases over the years.: 

  • The debut vintage of 1982 marked a 24% increase from $10,400+ in 2019 to $13,000+ in 2021. There was a huge spike from 2005 to 2010 as well, when it jumped by 400% in value.
  • The 1983 Le Pin went up 25% (from $3,140+ to $3,950+) between 2019 and 2021.
  • The younger 1995 vintage rose by 25% in the same time span from $2,640+ to $3,320+.

A case of the 1982 vintage (only 250 cases were made) set records in the wine auction market when it was sold for a whopping $106,269.


A bottle of this special Bordeaux wine would be a real gem in any wine portfolio. However, acquiring this scarce collectible is not easy! 

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So, how can you get a bottle of the rare Le Pin wine?

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Add A Seductive Le Pin to Your Wine Collection


Le Pin wines are some of the finest and most expensive wines in the world - a definite favorite among wine critics and enthusiasts alike! 

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